DC’s Apex Lex (Origin) Luthor’s Most Powerful Form

Lex Luthor has always been a non-powered yet formidable foe for Superman and the Justice League. But that all changed in DC’s New 52. So, let’s get started with how a self-obsessed billionaire became the most powerful character in the DC universe for a brief time.

History of Apex Lex

Billionaire supervillain Lex Luthor is mostly known for being one of Superman’s arch-nemesis. But he was reintroduced several times by many writers. One of which was Scott Snyder and Jim Cheung. Together they created the strongest version of Lex in the history of DC comics. If you don’t know already here’s everything about Apex Lex


Apex Lex made his first appearance in Justice League Vol 4, issue #26; which was released in August 2019. Originally he was the well-known superman villain Alexander Joseph Luthor, a male human that stood six feet two inches tall and weighed 210 pounds, having green eyes, informally having red hair before he went bald.

However, in this most powerful form, his height and weight are variable and he typically has all-black eyes with chalky gray skin.

Powers and Abilities

Apex Lex was briefly one of the most powerful beings in the DC universe. Having the combined abilities of his natural human genius state as well as powerful martian physiology that have both been augmented and supplemented even further by the powerful being known as Perpetua.

Without going down a long detailed list of abilities I’ll just simply it. He has all of the leadership and genius of the basic Lex Luthor as well as the long list of superpowers that Martian Manhunter has. Which we all know makes him nearly unbeatable.

In addition to these abilities that were augmented by Perpetua, he was also imbued with several unique abilities. Such as being designed in a way to be invulnerable and functionally immortal as well as being able to initiate travel between different realities.

Last but not least, he can wield seven dark energies of the universe such as The Steel Force, The Invisible Spectrum, and the Tier of Extinction.

The only weaknesses that Apex Lex seems to have are his cosmic powers not being effective against beings of the dark multiverse. He also carries a partial vulnerability to fire similar to most other Martians. Not to mention his basic self-centered character flaw that Lex Luthor always has.

The Comics Archive

We discover that one day Lex Luthor would come to the conclusion that Entropy was the only natural force in the universe. With Doom and Nihilism being the true path to ultimate power in existence, this revelation would lead him to seek out and have faith in something beyond himself; Perpetua, the powerful creator of all the multiverse.

After various crisis events, Perpetua would be freed from the source wall with Luthor eventually finding himself at her service along with his Legion of Doom. Luthor would eventually sacrifice his humanity in order to be reborn as the Human-Martian hybrid, Apex Lex.

The new Apex Lex would carry out multiple missions around the world offering many different villains upgrades to their powers in a campaign to spread his new faith.

These excursions would naturally bring him into conflict with Superman and various other heroes. But Lex relished his new ability to easily fight these powerful beings with his bare hands. Several times he has made his way across the multiverse and took down many alternate versions of himself.

However, there’s a cost to everything. He would soon learn that Perpetua betrayed the Legion of Doom, turning Brainiac into her all-knowing throne. And used the members of the legion, such as Gorilla Grodd, Cheetah, and Sinestro as batteries to power it.

In the meantime, she would ask Lex to bring in The Batman who laughs. Apex would be successful in this monumental task. But when he brought the manipulative laughs in front of Perpetua, the evil smiling batman would petition before her. Stating all the reasons why Lex Luthor was too selfish to serve as her top general and why he himself had more value to add to her cause.

To Lex’s frustration, it seemed as if Batman Who Laughs’ pitch worked when Apex angrily tells Perpetua to destroy him. But she would strip away his powers and leave him as a normal human again. Of course, this humbling act would bring out the rage and old personality of Luthor with him blaspheming and attempting to attack his former leader.

This act would earn him instant teleportation into a crater back on earth. But we know Lex, he never stays down for too long.

So, there you go my fellow comic book nerds. This was Apex Lex for you in the smallest package ever. How do you like this reincarnation of Lex Luthor? If you want to read the in-depth story of Apex Lex, check out Justice League Vol 4, #26 through issue #30. Don’t forget to share your experience.

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