Avengers VS X-Men | The Complete Story

Marvel had relaunched a bunch of their comics under the ‘Marvel Now!’ level back in October 2012. It was the re-organizing of the teams and the formation of some alliances between many of the Avengers and X-Men original team members. Avengers vs X-Men is the event that sparked the Marvel Now storylines. So, it is basically the event that is responsible for Marvel’s rebirth.

Avengers vs X-Men Timeline

The story is popularly known for the sheer power it portrayed by several characters including Hope Summers, Scarlet Witch, and Professor X. It is also the backstory of the new foundation of Marvel’s timeline, Marvel Now! So, let’s dive into the universe changing event that led to this timeline.

It’s Coming!

Things begin with Sam Alexander aka Nova, crash landing on the earth. He warns the avengers that the Phoenix force is on its way to earth. After a little discussion, Wolverine calls that he believes that the phoenix is on its way for Hope Summers. Captain America believes him and the whole Avenger’s team heads over to Utopia, the current home of the X-Men and Cyclops.

First Confrontation

Captain America wants to take Hope Summers into protective custody but Cyclops sees her as the mutant messiah and refuses to let her go. With that simple denial to let Hope go, Cyclops shoots an optic blast which Cap had to use his shield.

With argument and fight taking place, Cap calls for ‘Avengers Assemble’. As the battle begins, Emma Frost hides Hope inside but she didn’t do it well enough as Wolverine and Spider-Man find her. She then uses a portion of the Phoenix force and defeats them both which leads Hope to flee. This incident led both teams to find her.

The Search

Everyone is off trying to find Hope. Meanwhile, Thor and the Secret Avengers are in space trying desperately to stop the Phoenix Force from hitting the Earth’s surface, if possible.

During the search for Hope, Wolverine and Cap argue about how they should handle her. Wolverine wants to kill her, preventing the force to kill everyone. On the other hand, Cap thinks she can still be saved. After an intense argument, Cap ejects him from the plane and Wolverine fell down to the iceberg. 

Good thing Wolverine heals everything, after a short while, Hope finds him herself. She explains that she wants to try and take in the Phoenix force and use it to reignite the mutant kind. She wants him there so that if she does lose control, he’ll kill her. Wolverine is the only one she can trust to do it.

After the agreement and the confrontation, they decide to go to the blue area of the moon to absorb the Phoenix before it can even get to the planet earth. Both the Avengers and the X-Men eventually end up on the blue side of the moon. Now we have the Avengers, the X-Men, Wolverine, and Hope Summers, waiting for the arrival of the phoenix force. 

As they were fighting, Thor fell to the moon surface, defeated. He declared that the force is near. As the phoenix gets closer, Hope begins to feel its power and asks Wolverine to kill her.

Meanwhile, Iron Man and Giant-Man have developed a device that they hope can stop the phoenix force and they fired it. Leave it to these guys to fix everything with science, right?

Well, their device doesn’t actually defeat the phoenix. It splinters the phoenix into various fragments. The Splintered fragments fall to the planet and on the X-Men side of the fight. It landed on Cyclops, Emma Frost, Namor, Magik, and Colossus.

With the newfound powers, the five mutants officially defeat the Avengers and take Hope and they returned to the planet.

The Phoenix Five

10 days have passed. The Phoenix Five as they are now going by, have reformed the world according to their will. They provide free energy, food, and water to all humanity. Avengers and summoned to the white house where it is collectively decided that, regardless of how hopeful the Phoenix Five are, they need to be stopped.

It is then decided that the only way to stop the Phoenix Five is through Hope Summers. So, they need to rescue her from Utopia. 

A full-scaled Assault is planned against Utopia where the Phoenix Five have made their base. While they are easily defeated by Cyclops, they do manage to extract Hope, thanks to the Scarlet Witch.

Upon her rescue, she is brought to K’un-Lun to train as the Iron Fist way so that she can finally control the Phoenix force.

Things get a bit crazy and the battle gets all over the place. Eventually, Namor gets injured by Scarlet Witch. In furious, he decides that he has had enough and launches a full-scale assault against Wakanda. 

In response, Captain America assembles every avenger so that he can stop Namor. With a hard-fought battle, Avengers finally defeated Namor. Upon his defeat, the power of the Phoenix inside him returned to the remaining four. Making them more powerful than ever.

Upon winning, the rest of the Avengers team retreat back to K’un-Lun where they find Professor X, and he had enough. 

As time passes and the battle goes on, more and more Avengers are being captured by the X-Men. Meanwhile, Hope’s training shows nothing remarkable.

Two more of the Phoenix Five members are taken down by Spider-Man! During a rescue mission, Spider-Man comes across Magik and Colossus. Basically, using Colossus’s moral code, Spider-Man pursues them into beating each other. While it was a big win, it made Cyclops and Emma Frost even more powerful.

Cyclops then arrived at K’un-Lun and surprised the Avengers with his new powers. They tried to stall him long enough for Hope to getaway. She does manage to get away for long enough to learn her final lesson. The lesson of Shou-Lao the dragon, the source of the Iron Fist powers. 

Hope Summers absorbs the power of the dragon Shou-Lao into herself. Using the newfound powers, she was able to hold off cyclops. She then combines her powers with the Scarlet Witch and the two of them manage to hold off Cyclops permanently. Hope actually gained so much power that she was able to send Cyclops to the moon.

Final Confrontation

Realizing the combined power of Hope Summers and Scarlet Witch will be able to beat the Phoenix Force, the Avengers, and Professor X make their final stop against Cyclops and Emma Frost. But they aren’t alone. They are also assisted by Magneto and the remaining X-Men.

Magneto and the Avengers attack them physically while Professor X attacks them mentally. Charles Xavier portrayed so much power in this fight that he literally commanded the Phoenix Force emerged Cyclops ‘Sit Down Boy!’ and he had to obey it.

Just as they were about to win Cyclops attacked Emma Frost himself, taking her share of the powers of the phoenix force for himself. And then an Act that will ripple through the X-Men books for months, Cyclops Kills Professor X.

But Cyclops turning into the Dark Phoenix still isn’t enough to stop the combined attack of Scarlet Witch and Hope. Using their rage over Professor X’s death, and their massive powers, they finally defeated Cyclops.

No More Phoenix

With his body broken, the Dark Phoenix jumps on to Hope. But is she trained enough to contain it?

Using her powers Hope gains control over the Phoenix and uses it to restore the mutant population and make everything as it was before.

Scarlet Witch convinced her to undo the massacre that she caused at the House of M events and Hope agreed so.

Then they both agreed that this has to be stopped. They can not allow the force to keep on doing it. So, they wish away the Phoenix from existence.

The Aftermath

Everything is now normal. Cyclops is arrested. Captain America reforms the Avengers and the X-Men as a combined team. Captain America feels that he has been ignoring the mutant kind for far too long. He wants to help them to get what they truly deserve. They shouldn’t be exiled to Utopia. This starts Marvel’s movement of 2013, Marvel Now!

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