The Bat Blood: 10 Most Powerful Batman Family Members

Batman has one of the best networks of heroes around him. He is just too good at inspiring, attracting, and finding the right people to mentor and turn them into superheroes. All those characters have grown up to become the main characters of their own storylines, representing the Batman family in some way or another.

Batman might be the only hero in the comic book universe that if he dies tomorrow, there is a backup, who would eventually keep Gotham safe. There might only be one Batman, but he is a team of bats, waiting in the wings to take his place and to cover him when he needs it. It’s a part of what makes him the most powerful superhero in the DC Universe.

10 Most Powerful and Influential Batman Family Members

We all know that the top Bat in the family tree is Batman himself, I feel like including him on this list would be cheating as he is always going to be the #1 pick. So, I acknowledge that Batman is the most powerful member of the Batman family, but don’t expect to find him on this list.

10. Signal

Duke Thomas’s parents were one of the many victims of the joker. After rescuing them from the Joker, Duke became a vigilante and join the team named The Robins. Because of the long time relationship with his parents, Batman offered him the opportunity to join the Bat-family and Duke Thomas took up the mantle, Signal. 

He also found out that he had meta-human abilities, making him one of the few superpowered members of the Batman Family. Signal’s powers allow him to perceive light differently from other humans. He can view light at a superhuman speed, giving him sort of clairvoyant abilities.

9. Batwoman

Kate Kane is Batman’s cousin in the comics. She was originally a member of the military who was discharged after they learned that she was gay. Since then with the help of her father and sometimes the help of her cousin Bruce Wayne, she became a vigilante going as Batwoman.

Kate went through intensive training sessions while being in the military. While made her a highly skilled combatant. Like Bruce Wayne, batwoman possesses a boast of genius-level intellect and can also speak multiple languages. She has an indomitable sense of will that has allowed her to withstand supernatural and magical influences. Not to forget is also as stealthy as the Batman himself.

8. Red Hood

Red Hood was originally Batman’s second Robin, whose civilian name is Jason Todd. He was actually adopted by Bruce Wayne, not as a father, but as a member of his family.

During his time as Robin, he ended up leaving The Dark Knight and headed on for a journey to find his birth mother. Batman joined him on his journey when they encountered the Joker. Jason’s mother sold him out and the Joker then beat Jason almost to death before blowing him and his mother with a bomb. Batman arrived late to save Jason or his mother, and this has remained a failure that batman considers as one of his greatest. 

Todd would later return as Red Hood after being resurrected in part and guided for a time by Talia Al Ghul. When he did return to Gotham it was in the form of a villain. However, Jason would eventually join the Bat-family again having more of an anti-hero status as someone who isn’t opposed morally to killing those who deserve to die.

Jason isn’t against using guns but also he doesn’t need them to be a badass. Red Hood is also shown to be highly skilled with a sword. The League of Assassins trained him after he was resurrected which grant him the ability to be in control of his mind on a deeper level. The training also gave him telepathic resistance and strong mind control defenses. 

7. Damian Wayne 

Damian Wayne is the son of Batman’s girlfriend Talia al Ghul, daughter of Batman’s one of the greatest enemy Ra’s Al Ghul. Damien Wayne was dropped on Batman’s doorstep when he was just a child.

Having been trained by his mother who was a highly-skilled assassin and the League of Assassins, Damian proved to be a huge pain in the ass for Batman. He challenged Bruce at his first sight as he had both a sense of entitlement, surrounding his being a Wayne and had no aversion to killing people.

Due to his unorthodox training from a young age, Damien has proved his prowess and efficiency in combat as a deadly opponent. He has made quick work of well-known Batman villains such as Victor Zaz and Man-Bat. In the past, he has proven to be a worthy adversary for other Robins as well. Nonetheless, he became of the finest sidekicks for the cape crusader and a prominent member of the Batman family.

6. Orphan

One of the deadliest members of Batman’s team in the same vein as Damien is Orphan. Her real name is Cassandra Kane. She is the daughter of David Kane and Lady Shiva and was rigorously trained from a young age to become a killing machine.

While growing up, Cassandra was never permitted to speak and never taught to speak. During her training, she was taught to communicate solely through body language which made her an expert combatant as she can use one’s body language to determine their next move.

It’s also very hard to intimidate Cassandra when it comes to the shock factor, as she was desensitized to death and violence at a very young age. She was forced to witness multiple murders and do so as a training process. She also has the potential to break someone’s hand just by giving them a high-five. Fortunately, she has learned not to do that.

5. Batgirl

Barbara Gordon is known for being the Batgirl mantle and her code name Oracle, a genius hacker computer whiz, and the master data sleuth for Batman and his family members. She was paralyzed by the Joker from the waist down when he shot her through the spine.

Barbara doesn’t only have a brilliant mind, but she is also a master hand-to-hand combatant. Even before she became the Batgirl, she was known as a driven and determined young woman. Before becoming Batman’s protégé, Barbara studied martial arts and ballet. Both of those helped her with the strength, agility, and flexibility needed in combat.

Bab’s reflexes are so sharp that she can easily disarm a gunned opponent and even dodge bullets to some extent. Even as Oracle, she has proven to be a skilled hand-to-hand combatant and showed some amazing skills with a knife. Nonetheless, she is truly a Bat-family member that Batman would be proud of.

4. Red Robin

Tim Drake is known to be one of the smartest Robins around. He is a brilliant detective. In fact, he is so good that he is expected to be on the same level as the Cape Crusader himself. After Dick Grayson took off the Robin mental to Damien, stating that Robin is the symbol of Batman’s student, but he considers Tim as his equal. Now that is some compliment.

The way that Tiin Drake became Robin was finding out the true identity of both Batman and Robin, who was Jason Todd at that time. Following Todd’s death, Drake noticed Batman’s need for a Robin to give him balance and ended up convincing The Dark Knight to take him under his wings.

Being the new Robin, Drake began his journey as one of the best sidekicks that Batman has ever had. Drake had gymnastic reflexes and was an excellent combatant expert. He was also one of the many high-tech experts on the Batman family, but non less the perfect ally for the Cape Crusader.

3. Nightwing

Dick Grayson has taken Batman’s place before and what more was that he was very good at that. He is most likely to take over the Batman as a leading role of the family, as long as he’s got his memory which has been gone several times throughout his journey. 

Dick was Batman’s first Robin and throughout the comics, we have seen him become one of Batman’s steadfast allies. He is basically Batman’s adopted son in the sense that he has been around since the first issue of The Detective Comics and destined to be Batman one day for sure.

2. Azrael

When Batman’s beck was broken by Bane, Jean-Paul Valley was the one who Bruce Wayne turned to take up the Batman mantle in his absence.

As Batman, Azrael aka Jean-Paul put on the Azrael Suit which is considered as one of the strongest Batman suits ever in the Batman franchise. Despite the suit, he had many more abilities like most other Batman family members. He was incredibly strong, both physically and intellectually. He was even able to beat Bane at his full venom extraction and was able to match Deathstroke on a sword fight dual.

Jean-Paul proved to be a powerful force when it comes to his time as Batman. In fact, he was so powerful that it took Batman, Nightwing, and Robin combined to take Azrael down. The final showdown of course came down to Azrael and Batman and in the end, Jean-Paul surrendered the armor to Dark Knight. 

1. Alfred Pennyworth

Alfred might not have any superpowers, but he doesn’t need any to be considered as one of the most powerful and influential members of the Batman family. Alfred is Batman’s butler, his guide, his father figure and he has saved Bruce Wayne more times than any other character in the entire list.

Alfred has past military experience and was a professional actor and was sought after by the Wayne family to take his father Jarvis’s place as their butler. In the injustice series, Alfred has stated that there is no length he would not go to when it comes to protecting Bruce Wayne, who he thinks of as a son. 

Alfred is so powerful in the family that after Superman broke Batman’s back he forced Bruce to back down. He even injected a pill that granted him superhuman strength and durability, which allowed him to break Superman’s nose. 

Batman might be the only superhero in the entire comic book saga to have such a diverse persona of family. Do you agree with this list? Who is your favorite Batman family member? Do you like it when he calls upon his family? Let me know.

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