10 Best Batman Villains in DC Comics

The world’s best detective has been in comics since the 1940s. Throughout history, he has taken over many storylines and formed various teams and affiliations as well as dealing with some dangerous villains. So, we are going to rank 10 of the most notorious Batman villains that the dark knight faced in the comic book.

10 Greatest Batman Villains of All Time!

Although there have been countless villains that were a pain in the ass for the dark knight, here are the 10 most dangerous criminals that the batman faced over the years.

10. Penguin

Appearing in Detective Comics #58 in December 1941, Oswald Cobblepot aka Penguin is one of the notorious villains of Gotham. Like most Batman villains it’s very unlikely that he is unknown to fans.

He has always been a greedy mob boss whose prime motive is domination. He is rich and intelligent which is a horrible combination for a supervillain.

Penguin portraits a perfect gentleman in front of the crowd. But behind the scene, he is an angry power-hungry master minded criminal. At times he has shown sympathy to the people but very quickly dominated by his compulsion to be respected around the community. Which leads to his brutal personality.

The Penguin has been an awesome Batman supervillain for many reasons. Mostly because it’s hard to stand out in the batman universe if you are not insane, and he does it with passion.

9. Court of Owls

The Court of Owls was introduced in 2011’s Batman the New 52 storyline. They are an ancient conspiracy that has been controlling and maintaining Gotham City since the day it formed. The group consists of Gotham’s oldest and richest family members who basically control the politics of the city.

They operate from the oldest structures of Gotham beneath everyone’s imagination. Their legends are only found in whispers and rhymes. They are professional assassins and make their way into the highest chain of political influences wearing masks. 

The name specifies its true intention as the owls are natural predators of bats. 

8. Hugo Strange

Hugo Strange may not be the most renowned supervillain in the DC universe but he surely is one of the most intelligent foes the knight has ever faced. In fact, he was the first villain ever who found out Batman’s true identity as Bruce Wayne.

Hugo Strange is a brilliant psychiatrist, chemist, and an overall genius. He was so obsessed with Batham that he ran around Gotham City, pretending to be Batman on more than one occasion. He also believes that he would be a better dark knight than Bruce Wayne.

Hugo Strange was originally created to be the Moriarty or Batman’s, Sherlock Holmes. While that title eventually went to the joker, Hugo remained as one of the most brilliant villains in Bat’s archive.

7. Scarecrow

A former employee of Arkham Asylum, Doctor Jonathan Crane had the desire to cause fear in people’s hearts at an early age. He developed a mask for himself and hallucinating gas to terrorize his victims thus creating the popular villain scarecrow.

As Scarecrow, he became the noun of fear and used his chemical inflated gas to hallucinate people to see their darkest fears. The chemical works both ways for the Scarecrow as it gives him the strength to do insane activities. 

He also uses a crowbar as his primary weapon although in his original appearances he used to rely on guns. Scarecrow might not be the most popular villain out there, but he certainly is dangerous.

6. Catwoman

Selena Kyle aka Catwoman first appeared in the spring of 1940. So, she has been around since the beginning and every comic book fan has a huge crush on her. Catwoman is a cat burglar who has an on-again, off-again romantic relationship with the batman.

Besides her acrobatic skills, and being one of the best thieves in the world, what makes her such a great adversary for Bruce is that she plays with his emotions. Since he clearly has feelings for her, Catwoman uses her sex appeal and seduction skills to get away with everything.

5. Two-Face

Harvey Dent was the District Attorney of Gotham City and a good friend to the Cape Crusader. But along the line Sal Morni, a Gotham City mob boss who had acid thrown at him thus gave birth to the Two-Face.

This incident made Harvey insane and obsessed with chances. He always carries a double-headed coin which he flips to determine every decision he makes. So, everything he does is basically a 50-50 chance which makes him highly unpredictable.

One of the reasons Two-Face is one of the best batman villains is because of his psychological torment and the schizophrenic struggle he has within. What makes all of this way more interesting is that Harvey Dent used to be a friend of batman. Ever since Dent’s accident, he somewhat blames himself to make him a formidable foe.

4. Riddler

If you talk about one of the most clever and smartest villains of Batman, it has to be the Riddler. He always likes to keep the detective’s mind sharp to its towers and is known as Batman’s strategist.

Is constantly trying to outsmart batman and portrays a smooth-talking character. He likes to send clues in the form of riddles to both police and batman prior to his crimes. The reason he loves riddles but more importantly he likes to prove his superior intelligence to the detective.

The riddler brings out the batman’s true potential and that being the world’s greatest detective. 

3. Bane

He is the man who broke the Bat, popularly known as Bane. He first appeared in 1993 on Vengeance of Bane #1. He broke batman’s back in Batman #497 and put him out of commission for some time made Azrael the new Batman.

Bane was born and raised in a prison where he was forced to serve for the crimes of his father. There he trained himself to the pinnacle of his physical strength and made a strong mental persona.

Escaping at Gotham city he put himself against the Cape Crusader. One of the cool factors of Bane is the fact he pumps a drug known as Venom in his body with a touch of a button in his wrist. Which makes him huge, and incredibly strong. Not only is he one of the strongest Batman villains, but also the smartest.

2. Ra’s Al Ghul

Ra’s Al Ghul, also known as the Demon’s Hand is an awesome villain because he is a villain with some good intentions. He seeks to purge humanity of crime and corruption but believes the best way to achieve his goal by killing half of humanity. Which basically doesn’t go with the detective’s motto.

Ra’s Al Ghul is an immortal villain who utilizes the Lazarus Pit to maintain his immortality. He also wishes to make Bruce his successor but of course, the dark knight is not into that.

Ra’s is also one of the few villains in the comics to know Batman’s true identity as Bruce Wayne but keeps it secret due to the respect and calls him the detective.

Ra’s is also the grandfather to Bruce’s son Damien Wayne which is obviously the result of him hitting on his daughter Talia Al Ghul. But nonetheless, Ra’s Al Ghul is one of the greatest adversaries of Batman to date.

1. Joker 

Was there a shocker? Not only that I think he is the best Batman villain but the best villain in the comic book in general, he is the Joker. He is the true portrait of an arch-enemy who was around since the first issue of Batman.

Batman himself said in comics that the Joker is just something else and he will do anything to prove his point right. The Joker in a psychotic way loves the dark knight and thinks they make each other better, and couldn’t exist without each other.

In a nutshell, the Joker is the sheer example of absolute madness and has done more chaotic crimes than any other villain in the entire DC universe. Which easily makes him the best batman villain of all time.

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