10 Best Fighters in DC Comics

Fighting is an art, and these guys are the best of the best. These fighters don’t need any fancy suits or superhuman powers to win their battles. Their fists, stamina, endurance, martial arts skills, and fighting experience are enough to defeat anyone who challenges them. So, here are 10 of the best fighters in the entire DC universe. How many did you know of?

10 Best Fighters in the DC Universe

Before we begin, keep in mind that these characters are only chosen based on their fighting skills alone rather than their superhuman skills. With that out of the way let’s get started.

10. Black Canary

An expert martial artist and wielder of the Black Canary Crystals, Dinah Lance is one tough customer. She’s often underestimated because of her slender frame and sex appeal but she has some powerful moves that can take down even the toughest opponent.

Dinah has a unique sonic scream called The Canary Cry which not only stuns opponents but also has a variety of uses.

Black Canary is shown to be an expert tactician and has no problem taking down opponents much larger than her. She was able to hold her own against The Mime in Batman: Birds Of Prey #14-19 even though he was possessed by Athena. In addition,  Dinah was shown to be able to take on both Batman and Oracle while working with the Birds of Prey.

9. Deathstroke

One of the most diverse and sophisticated killers in DC comics is none other than Deathstroke. His fighting skills are unmatched by any other, and he’s one of the deadliest men alive. He can kill someone just as quickly with his hands or a gun- all while being blindfolded!

Deathstroke is also equipped with some pretty neat gadgets which help him get out of tough situations. His fighting is so good that he has even become an instructor for the military on hand-to-hand combat, who have to keep him locked up when they’re not using him because he’s too dangerous!

Deathstroke may never get his identity revealed in comics, but in real life, it turns out he’s a man named Slade Wilson.

8. David Cain

David Cain is one of the best fighters in DC Comics. He was trained from a young age by his own father, an assassin who killed over 200 people for their governments! His fighting skills were so impressive that he became Batman’s mentor and taught him all about hand-to-hand combat, weapon handling, stealth tactics, close-quarters combat, and more.

He’s a master strategist who can predict his opponent’s moves. He has trained Deathstroke, Lady Shiva, and even Bruce Wayne.

David Cain is also known for being the first person to teach the Cape Crusader how to fight with a sword. Truly one of the best fighters in DC Comics!

7. Connor Hawke

Connor Hawke is the second Green Arrow, and one of the best. He’s a master archer with great fighting skills and an accomplished martial artist, making him a very formidable opponent to anyone who challenges him.

The first Green Arrow was his father Oliver Queen AKA The Emerald Archer so it makes sense that Connor would be just as  skilled in combat.

Connor Hawke is a master at using the longbow and was a member of Team Arrow during season two. He also trained Laurel Lance AKA Black Canary, so he’s one who deserves to be mentioned on this list for sure!

6. Cassandra Cain

She is the daughter of Lady Shiva and David Cain, the world’s deadliest assassin. Cassandra Cane is a martial arts prodigy and protege of Batman who has mastered every fighting style known to man.

Her skills are including but not limited to Jeet Kun Do, Muay Thai Boxing, Wing Chun Kung Fu, Brazilian Jiu-jitsu Black Belt under Royce Gracie, and Aikido. She is a master of escrima sticks, tonfa, nunchaku, sai, staffs (jō), short sticks (kongō-shinobi-yari), knives (daggers), and other weapons.

Cassandra has been shown to defeat enemies who are considered to be among the best of every type of fighting, including Batman and Wonder Woman. She has been one of the most threatening opponents for the Dark Knight and now a prominent member of the Dark family.

5. Batman

Bruce Wayne aka Batman is considered one of the best fighters in DC Comics. He has a large variety of martial arts skills and he trains every day, making him an unstoppable force to reckon with.

As a detective and a trained hand-to-hand combatant, Batman can literally beat anyone if he can have time to research. He also has tactical prowess which makes his punches even more powerful.

The Dark Knight also knows how to use all sorts of weapons like guns or swords! His fighting style incorporates a mixture of different martial arts like Wing Chun, Jeet Kune Do.

This is why the Caped Crusader has been an iconic superhero for over 75 years!

And Yes, he even beat Superman once or twice.

4. Bronze Tiger

One of the most underrated fighters in DC Comics, Bronze Tiger is able to use his martial arts skills and acrobatic abilities to win any fight. He went toe-to-toe with Batman himself on more than one occasion, proving that he’s a force to be reckoned with.

Bronze Tiger was trained by the League of Assassins, but he left to become a crime fighter. He’s been associated with the Justice League and Batman himself on occasion.

He was also part of the Outsiders for some time until he died in battle against Deathstroke. However, his spirit lives on as one of Ra’s al Ghul’s Lazarus Pits. All in all, he is a formidable opponent to fight and a master of the martial arts.

3. Lady Shiva

Lady Shiva is a criminal and one of the best assassins in DC Comics. She doesn’t need any fancy weapons or powers to kill her opponents. She is proficient at many different styles of martial arts such as Muay Thai, Eskrima Stick Fighting, and Jeet Kune Do. With this skill set, Lady Shiva can easily defeat anyone who stands in her way.

known by the name Sandra Wu-San-Li, Shiva was born on the island of Taiwan. She trained there until she was 13 years old before moving to New York City with her family for a better life. She has trained some of the best fighters in the DC universe including  Bronze Tiger, Black Canary, and the Dark Knight himself. There is no wonder why she is the best at what she does.

2. Richard Dragon

Richard Dragon is a martial artist and has been one of the best fighters in DC Comics for decades. He first appeared in “The Judas Contract” comic book back in 1984 as a villain but later turned into an antihero when he became allies with Batman. He was even featured in his own comic series called “Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story”.

He is good friends with Batman and has a no-nonsense approach when it comes to fighting. He’s also one of the most skilled martial artists in DC Comics, so he could defeat any fighter who challenges him on his own terms. His skills include being able to take down enemies using only an index finger!

1. Karate Kid

Val Armorr aka Karate Kid is a samurai from the future. He is considered the best fighter in DC Comics. Born on Earth in the year 2900 AD, He’s studied martial arts from his father since childhood which later allowed him to master many different forms of combat including karate.

Val is among the most skilled and experienced fighters in DC Comics, which makes him a formidable opponent. Val’s skills are such that he can beat someone with superhuman abilities too. He can also use magic spells to fight with superhuman strength and invulnerability which makes him virtually unbeatable in battle.

Val has fought against some of the best opponents including Superman himself. His most famous fight was against Raven from Teen Titans, but he has beaten everyone who had challenged him so far.

DC comics is diversified with the best hand-to-hand combatant and some of the best fighters in the entire universe. It was hard to limit the list to 10 as there have been contestants for the best. So, who do you think is the best fighter in DC comics? Let’s hear your thoughts!

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