Top 10 Best Fighters in Marvel Comics

Marvel Comics is filled with some of the most amazing fighters all over the universe. These guys do not need any fancy suits or superhuman powers. Their fists, stamina, endurance, and fighting skills are enough to win them any fight. So, Here’s a list of 10 of the best fighters in Marvel Comics.

10 Best Fighters in Marvel Universe

Before we begin keep in mind that this list only contains characters that are skilled in hand to hand combat. As heroes like Hulk or Sentry might be stronger and powerful, they are not likely to be skilled in combat.


She is the assassin known as “The Most Dangerous Woman in the Universe.”  Raised by the mad titan Thanos, Gamora is skilled in almost every form of combat.

Gamora’s fighting style relies on her superior agility, gymnastics skills, speed, strength, and reflexes in order to take down her enemies with grace. She also possesses some degree of superhuman durability as she was able to withstand blows from Iron Man without any visible physical detriments.

Gamora can master any weapon in the known universe given the time to study the weapon and its wielder.

Gamora is an expert marksman with a penchant for bladed weapons such as knives.

She is also a master of hand-to-hand combat and some unconventional arts including judo throws. Gamora’s abilities make her one of the most dangerous opponents in all of Marvel Comics!

9. Karnak

Karnak is the best martial artist in Marvel Comics. He has an unbreakable will, and can break down any opponent’s Chi to incapacitate them with just a touch of his hand. His reflexes are quick enough that he doesn’t need much time to plan out his strategy – he relies on instinct during battle instead.

He can also heal himself and others when they are injured, but he cannot regenerate from fatal wounds.

Karnak is best known for his appearances in Marvel’s Inhumans comics. He has been a part of the team since 1965 and was introduced as an enemy to Black Bolt before becoming one of his most trusted advisors.

8. Black Widow

Natasha Romanova, a.k.a Black Widow is one of the most popular and well-known Marvel Comics superheroes. She became an Avenger in 1964. The first super villain she faced was Red Guardian who went on to become her lifelong nemesis. Natasha has been brainwashed by Hydra but managed to come back from it as good  as new.

Natasha’s greatest strength is her intelligence and agility, which makes her one of the best fighters in Marvel Comics. She has mastered many martial arts disciplines, including Krav Maga, Jiu-Jitsu, Judo, Muay Thai kickboxing and Aikido. With these skills she can take on any enemy with  ease.

She’s currently the acting head of S.H.I.E.L.D, which means her combat skills are top notch as well!

7. Black Panther

T’Challa, the Black Panther is one of Marvel’s mightiest heroes. He has superhuman speed and strength as well as razor-sharp claws and senses that make him almost invincible in battle. Besides being a brilliant scientist, he also happens to be king of his native country Wakanda which gives him access to some powerful technology such as the vibranium suit that makes him nearly invincible.

He’s a master of hand-to-hand combat and has mastered every fighting style on Earth with the exception of American boxing because he refuses to believe it is superior to all other martial arts. He uses his claws, speed, agility, strength, and an array of weapons from Wakanda to defeat his opponents.

Black Panther is a member of the Avengers, Defenders, Fantastic Four and many other teams in order to save Earth from various threats such as Ultron or Doctor Doom.

6. Captain America

With the highest combat skill rating of any Marvel character, and a penchant for being able to take on anyone with his shield and fists. Steve Rogers has saved countless lives during World War II so he could join S.H.I.E.L.D., which made him Captain America in the first place! His super-human abilities coupled with his complete tactical and strategic prowess make Captain America the best fighter in Marvel comics.

His super-human abilities coupled with his complete tactical and strategic prowess make Captain America the best fighter in Marvel comics.

Captain America is an iconic character from one of the most famous comic books series, right up there with Superman or Batman!

5. Daredevil

Matt Murdock aka Daredevil is a ninja-like superhero with enhanced senses, including night vision. He has the ability to sense people from far away and hear their heartbeat. In addition to being blind, Daredevil can also detect his surrounding area by feeling air currents along with vibrations on surfaces around him.

He’s an expert martial artist who was trained in  hand to hand combat by Stick, the same person who trained Elektra.

Daredevil has no powers but relies on his animal-like senses and reflexes for everything he does. This makes him a formidable opponent in any fight because of how unpredictable he is!

4. Elektra

Elektra is a skilled assassin, but she’s also an excellent martial artist. She can take on even the strongest opponent and emerge unscathed. What makes her special are her fighting skills which allow for stealthy kills with moves that would make you think she was never actually there (in fact, sometimes it seems like she doesn’t exist ).

Elektra would be number one on this list if she weren’t such an unlucky person. She keeps getting killed, which is why it’s a good thing that there are plenty of comic books dedicated to her!

She is considered one of the best fighters in Marvel, and one of the deadliest women on Earth.

3. TaskMaster

Taskmaster is a trained agent of the international terrorist organization HYDRA. Taskmaster is a preternaturally skilled observer and strategist with an enhanced memory, who can perfectly replicate physical actions performed by other people that he has observed either consciously or unconsciously.

He’s trained in many forms of combat (including boxing, archery and fencing), armed and unarmed combat techniques, strategy , and military tactics.

Taskmaster was born as Tony Masters, but after taking on the name of his enemy he is more often known by that persona. He has no superhuman powers (though he does have a healing factor) and relies on his weapons, skills, intelligence, and natural athletic ability to fight crime alongside Spider-Man.

2. Iron Fist

Iron Fist is a superhero with the ability to call on his chi energy and use it as an offensive weapon. He’s mastered martial arts by studying under various teachers, including Lei Kung the Thunderer who has been alive for over 300 years!

Iron fist is known as one of Marvel’s best fighters as he can take down most people with just one punch.

Iron Fist is a part of the Defenders but he’s also been on other teams like Heroes for Hire and The Order. He has an impressive set of martial arts styles in his arsenal, making him nearly unbeatable by anyone who doesn’t have superpowers or magic weapons that can hurt him.

And Yes! He also has the power of immortality!

1. Shang-Chi

Shang-Chi is one of the most incredible fighters in Marvel Comics. He has been trained by his father since he was four years old, and now he’s mastered all martial arts styles! That includes Kung Fu, Tai Chi, Karate, Judo, Aikido, Hapkido…the list goes on.

He first appeared in Special Marvel Edition #15 back in 1973. He became a frequent ally to Iron Fist and Luke Cage, but he also has his own comic book series called “Master of Kung Fu.” One of the best things about Shang-Chi is that he can regenerate from any injury almost instantly! That means if you’re fighting him, you’re in for a long and painful night.

Bottom line is, This guy is the best of the best! You certainly don’t want to mess with Shang-Chi as he is the best fighter in the entire Marvel universe.

Final Words

The best Marvel fighters are the ones who never back down from a challenge and can think on their feet. They may be outnumbered or outmatched, but they always find a way to win in an unconventional way. So, who do you think is the best fighter in the Marvel universe?

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