10 Best Superhero Sidekicks in Comic Book History!

Sidekicks are often the unsung heroes of a superhero’s story. They do everything from assisting with their mentor’s crime-fighting to donning costumes and playing second fiddle in order to help them out. But some sidekicks take on more responsibility than others. So here is a list of 10 of the best superhero sidekicks in comic book history!

10 Best Superhero Sidekicks in Comics

Buckle up, as we take a leap away from the spotlight superheroes and focus on the characters behind the wheel. Let’s get started.

10. The Newsboy Legion

The Newsboy Legion were a group of orphaned boys who found themselves playing sidekick for the superhero, The Guardian. They donned masks and helped him save people from all sorts of predicaments while fighting crime in New York City. But that was only after he saved them from their own life on the streets as newsboys.

Their story is a sad one but it teaches us that even the best sidekicks can’t save their superhero from going through troubling times. The Guardian was eventually killed by an alien supervillain and his body disappeared, so they were left without a father figure after he died.

The Newsboy Legion are considered to be among the best sidekicks in comic books because they never gave up on their mentor, even when he was written out of existence. They were loyal to the end.

9. War Machine

War Machine, or James Rhodes as the superhero is known by most people in the Marvel universe, was originally Tony Stark’s best friend but started working with Iron Man after suffering personal losses. War Machine has served both hero and villain before switching back to good guy when he got close to a woman called Janice Cord who had been killed by Obadiah Stone.

War Machine’s armor was made of titanium and he could fly via rockets in his boots, had a shoulder-mounted Gatling gun that fired lead-acid rounds with explosive tips and an arsenal of other weapons to fight crime. He also carried around missiles for when things got too tough! War Machine is still fighting the good fight but has been retired from superhero duty to pursue a career as an entrepreneur.

8. Hit-Girl

This fifteen-year-old girl is better known as Mindy Macready, the daughter of Big Daddy and Gail. She’s incredibly skilled with her weapons that she can take on all sorts of baddies in Gotham City. Her superhero name is Hit-Girl after a nickname given to her by local police officers for being so tough. But she’s not just tough; she’s also incredibly intelligent.

Hit-Girl is often seen as a second fiddle to Kick-Ass. But she’s not just there for his protection and support; Hit-Girl can do some serious damage on her own with her weapons. She also has to be tougher because of the fact that she’s a teen girl in Gotham City who doesn’t have any powers. She’s a little more street-smart than your average superhero and has to use her head in order to go up against the bad guys.

7. Wally West

Wally West (Kid Flash) is one of the best sidekicks of the Flash. Initially, Wally was a teenage accomplice of Barry Allen’s who would help him defeat criminals after school and on weekends. However, when he became an adult he changed his alias to Kid Flash and began working with The Flash full-time as the superhero’s sidekick.

Wally West is best known as the superhero Kid Flash.  His special abilities are speed and agility, which come in handy when chasing down villains alongside his mentor The Flash. Wally West has been fighting crime for a long time now but he has never been able to live up to the name of “The Fastest Man Alive” that Barry  Allen currently holds.

6. Donna Troy

Donna Troy is an important member of the Teen Titans and Wonder Woman’s sidekick. She has been known to be able to turn her body into any form so she can disguise herself as someone else or move in different ways. This power was also what helped save Donna from Doctor Light when he tried to kill her for being a half-breed.

She was also the wife of Terry Long and had a son, Jason Todd who became Robin at one point before being killed by The Joker in Batman: A Death In The Family. Donna is now married to Dick Grayson as they both work with Batman fighting crime side-by-side. She has been known for her skills with a sword.

She has been both a superhero and an anti-hero in her own books. She can be seen as the sidekick to Wonder Woman, Batman, or even herself. Donna is one of DC’s most powerful female characters who knows how to kick butt!

5. Tim Drake

Tim Drake is best known as the third and current Robin. This sidekick has been in comics for over three decades, having debuted in 1989’s Batman #436. He was created by Marv Wolfman and Pat Broderick to replace Jason Todd after he died at the hands of The Joker. Tim takes on a new crime-fighting persona. He has been in love with Bruce Wayne’s ward, Barbara Gordon for a long time and she returns his feelings but they eventually part ways because of their age difference.

He also wears the mantle as Red Robin until he is succeeded by Damian Wayne. Tim Drake is one tough hero that will go to great lengths to help other people.

4. Dick Grayson

Batman’s second protege is also one of the best superhero sidekicks. Dick Grayson dons a cape and cowl as his vigilante alter-ego, Nightwing; he wields two sticks that can be used in combat!  He’s helped Batman with many of his latest cases and is the best friend a superhero could ask for.

In fact, he was one of my favorite parts of Tim Burton’s 1989 film “Batman.” He also appeared in Dick Grayson’s ongoing solo series when it launched back in 2009. And if they ever make a Nightwing movie? It’s going to be awesome.

3. Harley Quinn

Harley started out as a psychiatrist at Arkham Asylum, but she soon falls for her craziest patient, The Joker. So while he broke into Ace Chemicals and tried to kill Batman by dropping him into a vat of acid, Dr. Quinzel slipped on a clown suit and rescued him (incidentally, she also helped Batman with one of his most epic battles). She was there for him always. And when he died in the comics, she hung herself in the Batcave.

Harley Quinn has been Joker’s accomplice for years, and she even became his wife at one point. She was the best partner he ever had but now might be more dangerous than him too! Although she started as a villain, now she is more like an anti-hero in the DC comics industry and a fan favorite!

2. Bucky Barnes

Bucky Barnes aka the Winter Soldier is known as Steve Rogers’s most trusted ally. His relationship with Captain America stretches back to World War II when he was a soldier trying to save his country from being taken over by HYDRA and Red Skull. After Steve Rogers got frozen in ice for decades, Bucky took up the mantle of Cap while still going by the title of Captain America.

Although he was originally meant to be a Soviet spy, Bucky eventually got his memory back and returned to serving Steve as best friends. He helped him in everything from saving their love interest Sharon Carter on multiple occasions to taking down Red Skull for good. His death at the hands of Thanos left many people heartbroken and he remains one of the best superhero sidekicks in Marvel comics history.

1. Alfred Pennyworth

Alfred Pennyworth first appeared in Batman’s debut issue and has been by the Dark Knight’s side ever since. His responsibility doesn’t only involve assisting Bruce Wayne with superhero activities but also helping him maintain a sense of normality given his otherworldly lifestyle. Alfred is most well-known as being an excellent butler who can whip up some delicious meals for Bruce Wayne, but he’s also quite the detective as well.

If Batman needed to use his deductive skills to solve a case or find an answer in some files then Alfred Pennyworth was there by his side with coffee and plenty of advice. He is always prepared for anything that might come up, which makes him one of Gotham City’s most trusted allies. Alfred is arguably the best superhero sidekick in comic book history, and for good reason.

In a perfect world, superheroes get all the spotlights. But these sidekicks shine alongside their mentor and sometimes shine brighter. So which one of these superhero sidekicks do you think is the best in business? Let’s see your list!

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