Marvel’s Beta-Ray Bill (Origin) The Korbinite “Thor.”

Beta Ray Bill is one of the most interesting characters and a powerful fighter in Marvel Universe. He is the counter of the God of Thunder and a vicious warrior who has lost everything he desires. Here we are going to learn everything about Beta Ray Bill.

Introduction of Beta Ray Bill

Beta Ray Bill was a guardian warrior of the Korbinites, whose galaxy was destroyed by the ancient demon Surtur. He was created when scientists from his planet transferred his lifeforce into a bio-engineered carnivorous beast with increased strength, speed, and agility. 

Beta Ray Bill is a male of the Korbinite race. He stands 6 feet 7 inches tall and weighs 480 pounds. He has no visible eyes, but it is sometimes shown as him having white eyes in the place of where his eyes would be. And he has no hair at all. Although most of the time he wears a crown like the God of Thunder along with his other armour.


Beta Ray Bill made his first appearance in Thor #337 in November of 1983. He became worthy of Thor’s Mjolnir when he defeated the Thunder God and felt guilty of it. As a reward, Odin presented him with Stormbreaker, an enchanted hammer that was made by Eitri and forged with Uru. 

Powers and Abilities

Beta Ray Bill’s abilities include superhuman strength, durability, longevity, and speed. In addition to this, when he’s using Stormbreaker, he enjoys many of the same attributes as his counterpart Thor, including electric manipulation flight, and weather manipulation.

it’s really cool that he also has control of his own ship, The Scuttlebutt, which is actually a sentient or self-aware entity.

Comic Book Attributes

Beta Ray Bill came to the spotlight when the spy organization named ‘Shield’ detected an alien fleet passing nearby to earth. Director Nick Fury asked Thor to investigate.

Thor found an advanced ship named The Scuttlebutt during the investigation. The ship scanned him and perceived him to be a threat. It fought back but was unable to stop him. So therefore it revived Beta Ray Bill, who was in suspended animation with the rest of the crew.

Thor and Bill had an impressive battle for a long period of time. During the fight, the ship reached Earth’s orbit and one mystical enchantment of Mjolnir came into effect. It caused Thor to revert back to his mortal form of Donald Blake because he was separated from Mjolnir for more than 60 seconds.

Beta Ray Bill Vs Thor

When that happened, Beta Ray Bill examined the cane that was left in place of Mjolnir and he struck it on the wall and he received Thor’s power and a costume.

After a second battle in which Beta Ray spared Thor life, Odin saw him as being worthy and commissioned the creation of a new enchanted hammer called Stormbreaker.

Beta Ray left earth to visit his peoples’ new planet. While he was there going, the mighty Galactus devoured it. Later on, Beta Ray ended up returning to earth and helping Omega Flight battle demons of Surtur.

He was one of the many characters that were replaced by a scroll before the secret invasion. But Thor freed and then fought alongside him to defeat the scroll known as the God Killer.

Beta Ray eventually hunted down Galactus for revenge but ended up saving him instead. One of the last known team affiliations that Beta Ray has is with the annihilators. He also has formed a very interesting relationship with the Asgardian goddess Sif.

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