History of the Blue Lantern Corps

In the DC Universe, it is said that hope springs eternal. The blue lantern corps was created to combat despair and revitalize worlds with their power of hope. It comes as no surprise then that many members turn out to be some of the most powerful in all of the comic book. Here we are going to take a deep look at one of the most powerful lantern corps in the galaxy. So, let’s get started.

Origin of the Blue Lantern Corps

The blue lantern corps was created by two exiled former guardians. The blue power ring gives hope to the universe and can be wielded only by beings who are able to instill great hope in others.

In a flashback during “Green Lantern” vol. 38, it is revealed that Mogo, one of the exiled guardians recruited Ganthet, John Stewart’s former mentor and current confidant, to be the co-founder of the blue lantern corps. Ganthet is a former guardian that was banished from Oa for showing compassion towards ‘lower life forms. Together they made the blue lantern corps which was powered by the most powerful emotional spectrum, “Hope”.

Power of the Blue Lantern Ring

The blue power rings were created by Mogo after he had been driven mad with grief over the death of his planet – Bludhaven. This power is the blue light of hope.

In fearful day, in raging night,
With strong hearts full, our souls ignite,
When all seems lost in the War of Light,
Look to the stars– For hope burns bright!”

The blue lantern rings are powered by emotion and will only work for beings who themselves have great hope or can instill hope in others. The bearer must feel a deep connection to one or more other lifeforms, which manifests as an aura around them when they use their power ring – this manifestation empowers anyone shining hope and also creates a psychic link between the two beings – which is why they cannot be used by just anyone.

The blue rings have an additional ability to restore hope in others; if not all of their other abilities are blocked or negated.

The Blue Lantern Corps members can also use the blue light to heal wounds and mend broken objects, as well as conjure protective bubbles around themselves that shield them from harm- but they are not invincible; for example, Sinestro was able to break Larfleeze ‘s blue light shield by attacking him with a yellow Power Battery.

Moreover, the Blue Lantern Corps is not limited to fighting evil or restoring hope- they can also create constructs that produce any form of effect. For example, Saint Walker was able to conjure an enormous ethereal hand from his power ring and use it to provide support for a  collapsing bridge.

Wielders of the Ring

The bearer of the Blue Lantern Ring generally is a powerful and benevolent being who can use hope as an infinite power source. Some major wielder that has worn the blue lantern rings are:

– Mogo (Founder)
– Ganthet (co-founder)
– Larfleeze (retrieved from his orange lantern corps)
-Blue Oan – Sinestro, Sayd , Indigo One, Jade, Saint Walker
-Guy Gardner

Major Battles

The Blue Lantern Corps has weathered many battles over the years, from Sinestro’s onslaught during Blackest Night to Krona’s attempt at reshaping reality during Day of Judgment.  It has risen to face each challenge and will continue to do so in the future.

In some of their most powerful battles, blue Lanterns were critical forces for good in opposition to overwhelming odds. For instance, on separate occasions they helped save planets from former Guardians who had gone mad with power: Mogo during Sinestro Corps War and  Ganthet during the Blackest Night.

In other battles, blue Lanterns were instrumental in leading their fellow Corps members to victory against overwhelming odds. For example, they helped defeat Krona’s army of Manhunters on Oa (during Sinestro’s War), Nekron and his undead hordes at Earth-9997 (during Rann-Thanagar War), and the Anti-Monitor at Earth-51 (during Sinestro Corps Wars).

They have also helped to destroy powerful weapons like Superboy-Prime, Nekron’s scythe, as well as Parallax. Blue Lanterns were even able to put an end to Krona when he was revealed to be the one responsible for destroying the blue lantern planet of Ungaro.

Though they have not been seen in recent times, Hal Jordan’s Blue Lantern Corps has returned to prominence as a member corps in DC Rebirth continuity and played an integral role in saving New Earth from The Anti-Monitor during Final Crisis.

The Blue Lantern Corps is created with one of the powerful emotional spectrums that are known to men, Hope. One might argue about its perfection, but it is truly one of the best lantern corps in the galaxy. What are your thoughts about this mesmerizing lantern corps? 

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