Blue Superheroes: 10 Best Superhero With Blue Attires

Comic Book has always been a colorful panel of stories and characters. From the golden age of the 21st century, comics have never failed to entertain their audience with some amazing color combinations. With a calm and quiet mind, let’s rank some of the blue superheroes that step foot in comics. 

10 Greatest Blue Superhero of All-time!

There have been different costumed superheroes in the industry and in this section we are going to rank the superheroes that have wear the color blue for the longest as it became a classic to the character. 

10. Blue Lantern Corps

What best way to kick things off with the obvious group of blue superheroes from the awesome DC universe. The blue lantern corps has been in the comic book industry since 2005. Blue Lantern Corp represents the emotional spectrum of Hope. The ring would give them blue outfits, blue skin, and even blue fire from their corpses. 

The Blue Lantern Corps is powered by its blue power ring. The ring is the symbol of one of the most powerful emotional spectrums in the universe, Hope. But in order to get the full potential of the blue ring, it must be in close proximity to a Green Lanter’s power ring. The reason behind that is, the power of hope makes very little sense without the power of will. 

Over the years many powerful superheroes wear the blue power ring. Among those are Hal Jordan, Barry Allen, Krona, Kyle Rayner, Guy Gardener, and Nicole Morisson.

9. Dr. Manhattan

Jonathan Osterman was a nuclear physicist who accidentally locked himself on a nuclear reactor and came out God on the other side of humanly. As the blast destroyed his body completely, he generated a blue essence for himself and became Dr. Manhattan.

Dr. Manhattan is considered one of the strongest characters ever in the DC universe. He has limitless powers and abilities and on top of that, he is theoretically immortal. He emits a bright blue light that comes out when he uses his godly powers.

His body, flesh, and skin are made of practical matter but it’s the essence of nuclear holocaust and massive radiation. All in all, he is a blue superhero that you don’t wanna mess around with.

8. Blue Beetle

Back in the day, one of the three superheroes that appeared in the DC comics in 1939 was called the Blue Beetle. But things changed in the late 80s when the third of the three characters Jamie Reyes discovered a blue scabbard that he used to make an armor with.

Jamie was a teenager that was naive whose father didn’t like the idea of him being a superhero. But Jamie follows his passion and became Blue Beetle.

As a superhero, Blue Beetle was a member of the Teen Titans and a good friend with Starfire, Raven, Beast Boy, and all other characters. 

He is being reimagined in the DC rebirth storylines, where the past Blue Beetle team members are used as a reference and he became a successor to them.

7. Beast 

Henry Philip Hank McCoy was a regular mutant who had one of the smartest minds in the entire marvel universe. From birth, Hank had oversized hands and feet which allowed him to roam around trees like a monkey or gorilla. But as he tried to get rid of these by injecting a toxic biochemical which reacted in turning him into a blue-haired Beast instead. 

Hank McCoy aka Beast had a genius-level intellect. He has a wide knowledge of Science and Arts, He also had Ph. D. in several sectors like Bio-Technology, Biology, Physics, and Advanced Physics. But as a mutant, he possesses vast superhuman strength, durability, stamina, reflexes, and endurance. He also has sharp claws and teeth which he can use as his advantage in intense combat. 

As a superhero, Beast has been a prominent member of the X-Men since the beginning. He has also been the brain behind the Avengers, Defenders, Illuminati, and the Secret Avengers. Overall, this blue character is a great example of versatility.

6. Supergirl

One of the badass superheroes that wore the blue outfits was Supergirl. Escaping from the doomed planet of Krypton, Kara Zor-El was one of the cousins of the man of steel, Superman.

Spending 24 years on earth and hiding from the world she decided to take on the criminals to save earth from multi-dimensional threats. Ultimately she took the blue uniform that was provided by her home planet along with her cousin. In on-off the suit, she is considered as one the most beautiful and most charming female comic book characters.

Although she is the exact female version of Superman, she has proven to be more than just a regular superhero on many occasions. Her sacrificing state and charming expressions have been one of the comic book’s finest. Supergirl has every power of like the man of steel along with his weakness, Kryptonite.

5. Captain America

The first avenger and the face of the Marvel comics is Captain America, aka Captain Steve Rogers. He was the symbol of the spirit of a true American back in the 1940s, just after World War 2. With a blue outfit and a shield that had the American flag on it, he quickly became the most popular comic book character ever.

Steve Rogers was injected with a superhero serum that gave him enhanced durability, superhuman strength, agility, reflexes, and a slow aging power. Although he doesn’t have any superhero powers like some of the other Avengers, his leadership quality and strong ethical nature brought him the glory to lead the Avengers. 

Although Rogers doesn’t possess any magical powers like some of the other Avengers, he is extremely durable and possesses a shield that is made of the strongest metal in the marvel universe, Proto-Adamantium.

4. Doctor Strange

Doctor Steven Strange aka Doctor Strange was the entrance to Marvel’s mystic universe. First appearing on Strange Tales #110 in 1963, Doctor Strange used to be one of the strongest characters in the entire Marvel universe. 

As a character, Doctor Strange possesses the Mystic art and magic beyond any imagination. He also had the Time Stone, which is one of the six infinity gems of the infinity gauntlet. 

The cloak of Levitation and the Eye of Agamatto gave the classic blue outfit of the sorcerer supreme a badass look which the MCU version of Doctor Strange adapted and used successfully. 

Over the last 50 years, Doc has appeared in several timelines, universes, and even in several multiverse, wearing different outfits. But his traditional blue attire remains a classic.

3. Fantastic Four

The Fantastic Four first superhero group in the Marvel universe. In fact, They were the first superhero team that came to the comic book industry.

Getting hit by cosmic radiation granted Reed Richards, Sue Storm, Jonny Storm, and Benjamin Jacob some supernatural powers. After the radiation effect, they created a blue suit that was made an unstable molecule. The suit would allow them to use their powers without really damaging the clothing.

The team would go on missions fighting earth’s most hideous villains including the galactic threats. Over time there have been many teams but these Blue superhero teams remained the top. 

2. Superman

One of the most iconic superheroes that ever to lay his foot in the DC universe is none other than Superman. Turns out originally was also was a fan of the color blue. With his iconic appearance in Action Comics #1 in 1938, he has been one of the most powerful superheroes in the universe.

Being the last survivor of the doomed planet Krypton, Kal-El came of Earth as an infant. As he grew up, he took the allies Clerk Kent and found out that he wasn’t like the others. But with his earthly father’s guidance and strong will of justice, he learned to control his rage and became the face of Metropolis.

Clerk Kent was a reporter by day and Superman when he was needed. With his iconic blue superhero uniform and red and yellow symbol, he has been the face of comics ever since. Although we have seen him in various attires in several universes, the blue and red costume will remain the symbol forever. 

1. Spider-Man 

Was there any surprise? Your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man has been on the scene since 1962. Since his debut, he has appeared in a lot of suits, some with powers even. But nothing beats the iconic red and blue suit that every comic book fan was crazy about. 

Bitten by a radioactive spider a high school nerd named Peter Parker became Spider-Man. Although the director of Marvel thought introducing a high school webhead was a bad idea, he became the face of the Marvel universe in a very short amount of time. 

Do you agree with this list? Who do you think should deserve a spot on this blue superhero listing? Let me know!

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