Booster Gold (Origin) Greatest Superhero that Never Born

The most powerful weapon on earth is not Superman’s cape or Batman’s Batmobile. It is none other than Booster Gold! He has been around since 1986 and ever since, he had been a part of the DC Universe. His has a fascinating origin, as he comes from the future to save his own life. Here, will go in-depth about who he is, what his powers are, and what you should know about him!

History of Booster Gold

Booster Gold aka Michael Jon Carter first appeared in the comics in 1986, and it was written by Dan Jurgens. He was originally created as a throw-away character to be used for one issue of the original volume of the “Teen Titans” series.

Created on purpose as a temporary character, Booster Gold’s writer soon saw potential in him and made him into an important DC Universe hero. As a result, he has been in multiple DC titles and is now an established character.


There are two different versions of Booster Gold’s origin.

In One, he was a 25th Century man who stole technology from his future and traveled back in time with it. All because of the fear of being killed in an accident which did eventually take place at some point. He wanted to become rich by selling the technology to the highest bidder.

Another version is that he was a college football player who knew about this accident, and took it upon himself to save his own life by traveling back in time with technology from the future so as not to die in the said accident.

In both cases, Michael becomes rich through different means; the included selling high tech or becoming an athlete. They both had their own set of goals in mind, and Booster Gold never really cared about the consequences.

Powers and Skills

Michael Jon Carter has a vast number of powers and skills. He is an expert in time travel, as he uses it to his advantage when going out on missions or making money. Booster also has the power of flight and super-strength, which even Superman would envy. His suit contains all sorts of gadgets that help him with his missions.

In addition to that, he has a number of abilities that are not physical. Booster is very good at talking his way out of situations, which makes him great for missions where he needs to be stealthy or might need diplomatic skills. He can also sense when time alteration happens and put it back on track if needed.

Romance and Relationships

Being a sarcastic and fun-loving character, Michael is always looking for a good time. His relationships with other characters have never been too serious or complicated due to his carefree personality and feelings of superiority over others in many ways.

He was romantically involved with his colleague Harley Quinn. He also flirted with Star Sapphire for a time being.

Nowadays he has had a few awkward moments with Wonder Woman and Batwoman in recent years.

Team Affiliation

Booster Gold’s most notable ally is none other than his best friend Blue Beetle. The two have been fighting side by side for years, and they are now a well-known duo on the Justice League.

He was also a member of the  H.I.V.E., but he left them to join the Justice League in 2007.

Reading Recommendations

If you are a crazy Booster fan like me, here are some of the reading recommendations you might want to have on your bucket list:

  • Booster Gold: Volume One
  • Blue and Gold
  • Booster Gold: Past Imperfect
  • Booster Gold: The Big Fall

Booster Gold is a portrayal of an over-the-top narcissist who believes it is impossible for him to ever lose or be defeated by anyone else other than Superman. But on top of that, he is a fun character to know about.

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