Catwoman Vs Black Cat | A Battle Of Skill And Seduction

Who doesn’t love a good old Cat Fight? And if that fight is between two of the sexiest characters in comics, then you’re in for a treat. Catwoman and Black Cat, two of the most attractive and skilled fighters in their distinguished universes.

One can always argue with their representation, but you can never object to their skills, agility, and most importantly their seduction skills. So, let’s witness this epic battle between two astonishing characters of Marvel & DC.


Catwoman, the costumed alias persona of Selina Kyle is a big-time burglar. With on-again, off-again romantic relationships with Batman, she is always using her seduction skills and sex appeal to deceive the dark knight as well as her other foes.

Catwoman is compared to an Olympic-level athlete and is surprisingly strong. Her costume is designed to maximize her flexibility and stealth. It comes with razor-sharp claws and spring action climbing batons in the boot. These are made of strong steel which can easily cut through a number of bulletproof vests, slice a gun in half and dig into services in order to climb. She also has a 12-foot long bullwhip and she claims to use it faster than the speed of sound

Selena is a gifted and accomplished acrobat. Guns are basically a joke to her. She has consistently dodged point-blank shots throughout her entire career. She is proficient in Boxing, Aikido, Jujitsu, Crotty, and Dragon style kung-fu. Her hand to hand skills are further enhanced, thanks to her cat-like speed, reflexes, and flexibility. 

Catwoman is one of the most dangerous, clever, and resourceful fighters. She has beaten Tama Drake, Wild Car, and even the Dark Knight multiple times. Although you can always argue how hard Bruce was actually trying to win. But he did describe her as a great fighter and one of the smartest people he had ever met.

Black Cat

Former cat burglar Felicia Hardy became a crime fighter, which led her to be romantically involved with the friendly neighborhood, Spider-Man. She is the Buddha to install bad luck around others, which comes in real handy when fighting crimes.

Felecia wears a leather costume that empowers her natural ability like allowing her to lift up to 800 pounds, go as fast as 40 miles an hour. She also wears her suit purposely tight, only to show off her cleavage and distract her opponents with her utter beauty.

Black Cat has specifically designed earrings that balance her, protectable metal claws that are razor-sharp that would rip through most materials, and a grappling hook that can be used to swing from building to building or tie her opponents.

Felecia is a top athlete and gymnast. She is physically strong enough to break a chain by kicking it, durable enough to somewhat unfazed or being kicked through the wall. She is even fast and agile enough to hang with Spider-Man. 

Felecia can avoid knives and punches and bounce off walls like an Olympic level athlete. She is a skilled martial artist and expert in many different forms of fighting. Her go-to style of fighting is Goju-Ryu Karate and Judo. 

Black Cat actually has some incredibly impressive fights. Like being able to battle against an entire room of thugs, once blowing up against Spider-Man, defeating Silk on multiple occasions, fighting Moon Knight, and she even took down Sabertooth. 

Black Cat has the unique ability to affect the probability field and cause bad luck to fall on her opponents. Which means the opponents hurt themselves when trying to attack. They are more likely to miss shots, and indirectly kill people that she doesn’t like. 

Catwoman VS Black Cat

These two basically are the same in terms of their appearance and love life. Both are master thieves, they both seduce the heroes and have an on-again, off-again thing with two of the most popular superheroes of their distinguished universe. Both of them have acrobatic fighting styles, and obviously, both are a cat-themed character who wears a tight sexy leather suit. But who comes out on top? Let’s find out.


The first thing we have to look out for is the physicality, and both these girls are surprisingly strong.

Selena has brought a helicopter out of the sky with her whip. She is able to destroy metal vents, managed to kick a man through a brick wall, and kick hard enough to crack solid concrete. Catwoman is also able to swing and jump mid-air which requires an immense amount of strength and agility. 

On the other hand, Black Cat’s suit is designed to amplify her normal strength which puts her to the next level of strength. Felicia has broken a metal chain with a kick, punched a man hard enough to crack the wall and she even managed to kick Carnage in mid-air. She staggered Mr. Hyde and managed to hold down Spider-Man’s wrist on multiple occasions. And all three of those guys are superhumans.

So, I have no choice but to give the edge to Black Cat on this.


What about durability?

Catwoman has taken hits from a lot of villains and some of them were powerful superhumans. She has taken plenty of long falls as well as taking a massive amount of beatings. Selena even voluntarily injected herself with a fear toxin and came out of a massive explosion that took place at her apartment. 

On the contrary, Black Cat is very tough to put down or even injure. She has been unfazed being kicked and also had a wall fall down on top of her. She has been sent around by Doctor Octopus a few times, and was shot multiple times. She even got punched by Superior Spider-Man and Felicia only managed to miss a tooth. That is some impressive durability.

So, with all that I have to give the edge to Black Cat again.

Speed and Agility

What about speed and agility? This is what these cats are known most for.

Catwoman is obviously able to dodge bullets. She has dodged bullets all sorts of multiple angels and shooters at once. Gun fires are nothing more than a joke to her. In fact, Selena is so fast that she is able to somewhat observe bullets, as it passes through her. She is even faster for normal people to react to. Selena is also a highly skilled acrobat. She is so agile that she has beaten Nightwing and Deadman on multiple occasions who are some of the absolute best acrobats in the entire DC universe. 

Even though Black Cat is not known for her agility and speed like Catwoman, doesn’t mean that you can undersell her by any means. Felicia has tagged Spider-Man on multiple occasions and even hit him on his face before he can dodge. She has kicked him on midair and cut his webbing before he could react and pull her in. Black Cat has docked an attack from Carnage and is arguably faster than Peter as she has outrun Silk, who is proven to be faster than Spider-Man.

Even though Black Cat is considered to be faster than Silk, I highly doubt she can outsmart Catwoman on speed as well as agility. So, I have to give this one to Catwoman. 

Fighting Skills

While Black Cat is physically superior, Catwoman has shown more technical skills in her fight. She has trained people like Wild Cat and Richard Dragon. Selena can continuously get the upper hand on her opponents and continuously beat Tim Drake several times. Selena has even beat Batman. Though one can argue about Batman holding it back, Selena has definitely shown the promise to get the upper hand on him.

On the other hand, Black Cat has shown that she is more than able to hold against people that are a whole lot stronger than hers.

Forget that she has beaten Spider-Man as there are multiple factors that are going on in that fight just like Catwoman and Batman’s relationship.

Besides that, Black Cat has regularly beaten Silk, who has all the same powers as Spider-Man. She has beaten Sabertooth, The Lizard, beat Vulture, and even managed to hold her own against several Spider-Man villains like Scorpion and Tarantula. 

But this doesn’t mean Black Cat will win. Although Felicia has beaten more powerful opponents, she has lost to more skilled ones like Hellcat and Moon Knight. So, being more skillful, Catwoman will take this one.

Gears, Weapons, and Powers

Catwoman has retractable claws, which can cut through a handgun. She has explosives, knockout gas, and of course, there’s her whip. Selena is able to use these to restrain her opponents and consistently send a man flying around.

However, Black Cat has claws as well. Which can cut through metal, rip apart robots, and slash through Spider-Man’s web. Felicia has her cat cables, which she uses to swing around, restrain people and it even has a Taser in it.

But here’s the final nail in the coffin. Black Cat ashes bonafide superpowers and Catwoman doesn’t.

Felicia has the power to cast her opponent’s luck. She constantly brings bad luck to her opponents and brings good luck for her own.  

Although this power is vague and doesn’t always work in the same way, the odds are that your gears are gonna break or fail you while fighting Black Cat. You are more likely to fall over, stubble, and hurt yourself. Felicia has even inadvertently killed someone that she didn’t like by having rubble fall down on top of them. The powers are also likely to give her good luck. Making her effectively bulletproof, less likely to be hit, or be hurt.

So, at the end of the day, Catwoman will not be able to use her full potential against Black Cat which will lead to a victory for Felicia Hardy.

This fight might not be as planned for both of these incredibly attracted characters. But, because of her luck manipulating powers, I would give the winning tag to Black Cat. 

What do you think about this awesome fight? Who would win in the Catwoman vs Black Catfight? Let me hear your thoughts!

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