Donna Troy (Origin) The Orignal Wonder Girl

Donna Troy aka Donna Toria or the original Wonder Girl has been around for a long time. She is one of the most diverse DC Comics characters and has been in many different stories throughout her publishing history. Like most DC characters she has a complicated backstory. But we are here to tell you everything about Wonder Girl in a small package. So, let’s get started.

History of Donna Troy

Created by  Robert Kanigher and Ross Andru, Donna Troy is a character that has been in publication for over fifty years. She first appeared in Wonder Woman #105 (February 1968) as the daughter of Hippolyta and Zeus.

She was introduced to comics during a time when superheroes were primarily male with female sidekicks instead of females being the main character. The introduction of Donna Troy helped to change that and provide a new female superhero for children to look up to.

Origin Story

Donna Troy’s story starts in the original Wonder Woman comics. She is a young girl who has been gifted with incredible powers by Aphrodite and Hermes, but she also has a great responsibility as well because of this power.

Donna was sent to be raised by the Amazons in Themyscira where they trained her how to use her powers. After the training was complete, she joined Wonder Woman and took the alias Wonder Girl. She later became one of the founding members of the Teen Titans alongside Kid Flash, Robin, and Aqualad.

Throughout Donna’s life in comics, she faces many challenges that test her strength and courage but always seems to come out as a survivor.

Powers and Abilities

Being the daughter of Zeus, Donna inherited many of her father’s gifts. She has the ability to fly, shoot bolts of lightning from her hands and eyes, create illusory images with light or by using a reflective surface. She also possesses super strength which she inherited from her mother who was a Titaness.

Hermes granted Donna immortality so that she may live for eternity in her youthful prime but this meant that she would never age.

Romance and Relationships

Donna has been described as bisexual by many writers over the years. She was in a romantic relationship with Mal Duncan but it’s not clear if they were ever married. She also had an on-again-off-again romance with Dick Grayson (in some continuities) or Jason Todd (in others).

In the post-crisis universe, Donna Troy aka Wonder Girl falls in love with her college professor Terry Long. Those two eventually got married and became parents to a child named Robert. After a while, they got divorced as well.

In more recent comics, Donna was shown to be in a romantic relationship with Kyle Rayner, the third Green Lantern.

Team Affiliation

Apart from being a member of the Amazons, Wonder Girl has been in a lot of teams, such as:
-Teen Titans
-Justice League
-Dark Stars
-Titans of Myths
-Secret Six.

She is often seen as a very independent character that does not blindly follow others like Wonder Woman. Donna also had her own comic series called “The New Titans” which ran for 140 issues from 1990-1998. This team was composed mostly of teenagers and Donna helped to lead them as they navigated the difficult world of an adult.

Comic Book Recommendation

If you’ve become a fan of this wonderful Wonder Girl, here are some comic books you can grab to learn more about her:
– Wonder Woman: Bloodlines by Greg Rucka (2016)
– Teen Titans #100 by Geoff Johns and Tony Daniel (1999)
– Donna Troy #18 by Dan Jurgens and Norm Rapmund (2001)
– Justice League America Annual #14 by Dave Gibbons, Scott Hanna, Dick Giordano & George Perez (1990)
– Titans Yearbook One: A New Beginning by Chuck Dixon, Tom Grummett, and Joe Orlando.

Donna Troy aka the Original Wonder Girl has been a very complicated yet interesting character throughout the years. She would be a strong, fun, and ideal replacement for Wonder Woman if DC ever needs one. What do you think about this wonderful girl? Are you a fan of this powerful lady?

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