Celestials (Origin) History of the Most Mysterious Marvel Character Ever!

Celestials are the most mysterious character in the entire Marvel universe. They have been portrayed as beings with insane powers and abilities as well as the Marvel God itself. 

As most gods are beings with powers beyond imagination, we don’t know exactly where they came from. But we do have several origins and theories that suggest how they came to be.

So, let’s jump into that.

History of the Celestials 

Keep in mind that these theories contradict each other as they don’t really line up with every Marvel continuity. So, as the reader, you just have to pick and choose what you want to believe as the origin is essentially a legend.

For me personally, I think it’s more fun not getting all the answers to a character’s part origin. Especially when you are talking about gods.

The Origin

Celestials first appeared in Eternels issue #2 in August 1976. They were created by the King of Comics himself, Jack Kirby. They have been introduced in several other stories in different variations and we are going to look at some of those. 

There is a theory that says that the celestials might be the survivors from a previous dimension, just like Galactus and the Sentiance of the Universe.

Where these are just a brief statement there have been a few other theories related to the Celestials. 

The Fulcrum Theory

There is a theory that said they were created by and served a being called Fulcrum. He used the Celestials to help him maintain the cosmic balance. 

If you don’t know who Fulcrum is, he is basically the most powerful being in the entire marvel universe, second only to the One Above All. In fact he likely to be the manifestation or aspect of the One Above All.

Fulcrum usually walks around in the form of a bartender called Jack. A lot of people think that Jack is the comic book king Jack Kirby himself, which you can argue all day long.

Anyway, whether Fulcrum created the Celestials or not, the Horde, the Watchers, and the Celestials serve him nonetheless.

The First Firmament Theory

The best detailing of this mystery character was given on The Ultimates 2 issue #6, where it was stated that they were created by the First Firmament.

Now you might be asking, what is this First Firmament? 

It’s the very first universe to exist in the marvel universe. Before there was an Eternity, there was the First Firmament. The beginning of everything. It’s basically the sentient of the universe, yet it is the universe. It all gets weird and grey when you are talking about beings of this power. But we have to get on with it.

Coming back to the Celestials, We learned in The Ultimates #6, where the First Firmament says that he was alone on the entire cosmos, yet he was the cosmos itself until he made an error. An error of creating life.

The creation was none other than the Celestials. They were created to be his servants and his toys. But soon they made servants for their own and named them Aspirants. He didn’t object to it as the Celestials worshiped him in the first place. 

Along with the Aspirants, there were multi-colored rebels that wanted their creations to evolve in order to gain the power of the universe. The sole purpose of the rebel was to change the concept of mortality and creation itself. This led to a war among themselves.

The war shattered the First Firmament into pieces. In terror, to preserve its uniqueness, the First Firmament fled to the farthest edges of the universe with the remaining aspirants inside it.

The creation of the Celestials were the individual universes themselves. But when the First Firmament left, the universes collapsed with one another, thus creating a new bread, the first multiverse. 

From here we learned that the death of the first multiverse was essentially the birth of another. As the multiverse reborn over and over again, it created a massive holocaust, thus creating Eternity.

This incident also gives us a fictional explanation of why things change in comics and characters with each continuity.

The Sage Theory

Moving on, we get another variation of their origin on the Astonishing X-Men issue #61 where the character Sage tells us that the Celestials were there at the birth of the universe. As they were lonely, they shaped the creation and made life from the darkness. 

Believing if there is life, there has to be death, they created monsters to be that destruction. After a while, the monsters turned against the Celestials at a point where they couldn’t defeat them anymore. So, they imprisoned them by splitting the universe into the multiverse, with nothing but there will trapping the monsters inside.

Pivotal Point of the History

Just like those are several possibilities of how the Celestials came to be. Now, you might be wondering where The One Above All fits into this? Since the last two origins state that the First Firmament and the Celestials were at the beginning of the universe.

Unfortunately, there are no real answers to that in the comic books yet. But one could argue that since The One Above All is the one that created the Marvel universe, he is the one who created the First Firmament aka the first universe as well as the Celestials.

It all goes a little weird and confusing when you go into this massive rabbit hole of omnipotent beings, especially when there are continuity issues and all.

But no matter what their origin is, one thing is for sure is that the Celestials are a race of Godlike engineers that take it upon themselves to experiment on lower life forms. Because of this, they are responsible for mankind’s potential to have superhuman powers.

They are also responsible for the mutant genes, due to their experiment on earth millions of years ago. So, they are responsible for the mutants as well as the Eternels, the Deviants, Human, Scrolls, and so on. 

Powers and Abilities

If you are wondering how powerful the Celestials exactly are, then they are basically Gods. They have the power to create, destroy, matter & energy manipulation on an immeasurable scale. They also do experiments on living beings, altering their genes, and create diversity throughout the multiverse. They are also a thousand feet tall and wear cool and colorful armor.

This was a brief rundown of who the Celestials are and how they came to be. But if you want to learn more about them and how exactly the marvel universe was created, definitely check out The Ultimates 2 #6, Eternels issue #2, and Astonishing X-Men #61.

And let me know what do you think is the perfect origin of this mysterious creature and if I have missed anything.

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