9 Female Superheroes that Tony Stark has Slept With in Marvel Comics

Genius, Billionaire, Philanthropist. Tony Stark is all of those things as well as being Iron Man. But today we are going the focus on Tony Stark, that is a playboy.

9 Best Female Superheroes that Tony Stark has Slept With

Tony is one of the most popular ladies men in comic books. And not just for bedding and romancing women hole across the Marvel Universe. Some of them were one-night stands and some a bit in long-term relationships. There’s rarely been a moment when he spent many nights alone. But today we’re not just gonna take a look at the random chicks at Tony’s been with, but all the superheroes that Iron Man has been off throughout the years

9. Pepper Pots

Pepper Potts

Pepper Pots is the pretty obvious choice in Tony’s romantic life. She has been that one romance that is constant in Tony’s life. Both from the comics and the MCU it’s been, Pepper. Going from a secretary to CEO of Stark Industries, or his lover to his wife Pepper is stuck by Starks side through thick and thin.

Although putting up with Iron-Man’s antiques, makes her a superhero in her own right, Pepper will occasionally throw out armor or two. She even has her own special armor along with the rescue armor.

8. Gamora


In 2013’s Guardians of the Galaxy by Brian Michael Bendis, Iron-Man has got into space and joined forces with the Guardians. In the process, he started flirting pretty heavily with Gamora. The green alien babe was at the top of his bucket list.

Apparently, Stark’s pelvic sorcery worked on her, mostly better than that of Star-Lord’s of course. Because the next thing we know is that both Tony and Gamora were relying on the bed together.

The only thing he had to say about the experience was ‘Aww’. Maybe he should have worn his armor around while doing it.

7. Maria Hill

Maria Hill

During their time together, Tony and Maria Hill have kept things strictly professional. But that all changed in the Invincible Iron-Man #10.

With Norman Osborn running the Dark Avengers, both Tony and Maria were on the wrong side of the law. Stack actually being deemed a traitor, it’s safe to say that they thought the world was coming to an end. They met at the Fun Time Inc Facility, one of Stark Industries holding where Tony gives her directions to one of his hidden Arsenal’s in order to blow it up and run like hell.

However before they left and went on their separate ways, Tony and Maria actually shared a surprising moment of intimacy. Although they never talked about it again, it was one of the best hookups he ever had as it covered a few panels of the lustiest romances Tony has ever had.

6. Madame Masque

Madame Masque - ComicsReport

There’s Batman and Talia al Ghul, and there’s Iron Man and Madame Masque. These Playboy’s just can’t seem to keep in their pants. That usually ends up biting it in the butt because they sleep with supervillains.

With all his complicated relationships in his past, Tony’s long-running on-again-off-again relationship was with Whitney Frost, aka Madame Masque might be the most fractured. 

In her past as Maggia and in Mordecai Midas, Iron-Man and Madame Masque got together. However, their bliss came to a crashing halt when Witney’s biological father Giuletta Nefaria became gravely ill and iron man actually destroyed the equipment keeping him alive.

Since then they’ve had more than a few awkward often bloody reunions.

5. Spider-Woman


Spider-Woman and Iron Man have been partners on the New Avengers team for years. But things changed in Marvel’s Holiday Special in 2005.

The story revolt around the Mole people kidnapping Santas to bring Mole-Man back. That’s not really important to this list. What I want is to focus on the comic when Iron-Man caught Spider-Woman under the Christmas mistletoe. They exchanged a kiss along with other members.

But it was heavily implied in later issues that the kiss might have gone further off-panel. Things got and a little hot and heavy as they discussed quite a lot about their bedding style.

4. Wasp


Iron-Man and the Wasp are the founding members of the Avengers. Janet Van Dyne aka Wasp was actually the one who came up with the name. For years they peddle crime side by side. Even though Janet never knew Tony’s secret identity.

After divorcing Hank Pym or Tony’s good friends and a fellow Avenger, She met struck at a high society party. The two became romantically involved.

Captain America ended up asking Stark to reveal his secret. And surprise surprise, when Iron-Man removed his mask Wasp was real upset. She refused to pursue a relationship with one of her ex-husband’s best friends.

Although the two heroes nonetheless remained good friends afterward, more recently the pair got back together in Tony Stark – Iron Man

3. Emma Frost

Emma Frost

With her Skippy outfits and other things, Emma Frost has become well-known for using her sexuality to her advantage. Apparently, she ended up hooking with Tony Stark. 

In Civil War #3, when Tony and Emma were chatting, he ended up asking Emma if there can be an arrangement as none of them were dating at that time.

The chat ended up adding friends with benefits to Iron-Man’s list.

2. She-Hulk


Just like Tony, She-Hulk has an impressive list of partners. So it’s probably no surprise that she’s gotten together with Iron-Man.

It was founded in She-Hulk #17 when Tony was director of the shield, they slept together and She-Hulk’s actually interesting conversation was stark about why he’s seen as a player she’s seen as a skank.

it would have probably been an interesting conversation if the Helicarrier hadn’t been attacked before Stark had the time to answer.

1. Black Widow

Black Widow

in the 616 Universe, Tony and Natasha Romanoff dated for a brief time before Stark realized that Natasha was actually a Russian spy. Since then though Stark and Nat have become close comrades. Widow actually becomes one of Tony’s closest allies.

However, over in the Ultimate Universe, things went even further. There has actually been a sex tape of the two released online DVDs. The panels were so intimidating that Marvel actually had to pull of the issue after a few days.

So there we have it, folks. That’s what the heroes that Iron Man has slept with throughout the years. Who do you think was the best? Apart from Pepper of course.

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