The Date Knight: All Batman’s Girlfriends Since 1939!

You would think that being a superhero would put a damper on your love life. But that’s definitely not the case with the dark knight. He actually had more love interests and girlfriends than most other superheroes in comics. So, let’s check out every girlfriend Batman was romantically involved with.

All Batman’s Girlfriends from the Comics!

Even though his playboy persona has had Bruce Wayne date several women off-panel, we are going to look at every single woman that Batman ever had an actual romantic relationship with. So, grab some coffee and buckle up, because it’s going to be a big list of a love interest for the Cape Crusader.

Earth-Two: The Golden Age

Let’s start off with the Golden Age Earth two storyline. You know, when Batman had a gun in brought daylight, and it was normal.

Julie Madison 

The first love interest to ever show up on a Batman Comis was Julie Madison. When she was introduced, she was already Bruce’s finance. In reality, Julie was a very minor character and only existed to be a damsel in distress. Eventually, Julie god fed up with Bruce’s playboy persona and left him when her acting career started to take off.

New Earth Version

The backstory of Julie was changed a bit as she was working on her law degree on this earth. Her father was a mob boss and paranoid by Batman and killed himself.  Eventually, she blamed Batman for the death of her delusional father and left Gotham.

Prime Earth Version

In this version of Julie Madison was introduced as a nurse. She treated Bruce after he lost his memories. Both of them shared some of the best sensual moments in the comics for a brief moment of time. Bruce even proposed to Julie but soon after that his memories came back and he went on being Batman again, leaving his fiance behind.

Linda Page

Immediately after Julie left Bruce, he bumped into a woman named Linda Page. They used to run in the same social circle, but Linda left that life behind to become a nurse. Just like Julie Madison, Linda Page was also a damsel in distress but she became smitten with the Cape Crusader during her frequent rescues. 

Although Linda did continue to date Bruce, her mind would always wander back to the Cape Crusader. But when Bruce proposed Selina as an act, it broke Page’s heart and she vanished altogether. 

Prime Earth Version

A newly reincarnated Linda Page appeared at the beginning of Batman’s vigilante career. She dated Bruce for some time but she hated how Batman handles crime. Because they couldn’t see eye to eye, Bruce broke up with her via a handwritten letter.

Selina Kyle

During Bruce’s time with Linda, Selina Kyle aka Catwoman was introduced. She and Batman would flirt and kiss on a pretty regular basis but they were never quite a couple. Batman once proposed to Selina as Bruce Wayne to catch her, and it was the talk of the town around that time. 

Selena Kyle did leave her life of crime behind her and actually got married to Bruce. These two had a daughter named Helena Wayne, who grew up to be Huntress.

New Earth Version

After being dumped by Julie Madison, Bruce met Selena Kyle who he fought before and was known to him as Catwoman. Much like the previous incarnations, Selena and Bruce dated on and off for years, both in and out of costumes. This romantic relationship between the cat and the bat is still the most renowned love interest for both of them.

Prime Earth Version

After convincing Selena to go on a suicide mission against Bane, Batman would propose to Selena with the diamond that she has stolen on their first encounter. Although she was interested in marrying him, Selena was brainwashed by bane to think that Bruce can’t be Batman and happy both at the same time. So, she left Wayne at the altar. 

Vicky Vale

Vicky Vale was introduced to comics to basically be Batman’s, Lois Lane. From the beginning, Vicky was convinced that Bruce Wayne and Batman were the same people. Even though Bruce denied it on a frequent basis, this hunch was what got Vicky to get attracted to Batman and Bruce Wayne both at the same time.

Earth One: The Silver Age

This version of Batman’s girlfriends were very similar to his Earth-Two counterpart. Both Julie Madison and Linda Page entered and left Bruce’s life in a similar fashion. Vicky Vale came and she is interested in both Bruce Wayne and Batman once again. Then comes his new love interests. 

Kathy Kane

Much like Vicky Vale, Kathy Kane was also romantically interested in both the billionaire playboy and the dark knight. But what makes Kathy different is that she is also a vigilante named Batwoman. Both Kathy and Vicky would fight over Batman but in the mid-’60s Vicky vanished from the comics which give Batwoman the spotlight as Batman’s main squeeze. 

Kathy Kane later retired from her crime-fighting persona to run a circus. But she was later killed by an assassin that was being manipulated by Ra’s al Ghul.

Talia Al Ghul

 Bruce Wayne has had a history with The Demon Head’s daughter Talia Al Ghul. She and Bruce had feelings for each other and got married under Ra’s tradition. The relationship between these two was very strained as she’s devoted to her father and his mission before anything else.

New Earth Version

Talia reappeared in the new earth continuity where she extended the relationship and became pregnent. They had a son named Damien who would later go on to work with his father as Robin. Although Talia was deeply interested in the Cape Crusader, her one-sided affection made her one of Batman’s most furious villains.

Silver St. Cloud

Wayne met a more traditional love interest at a party in the form of Silver St. Cloud. She and Bruce hit it right off as she ditched her date in order to spend more time with him. Both Bruce and Sliver were so in love with each other that they broke every boundary to get in touch. But Sliver found Bruce’s secret identity and couldn’t handle the stress of not knowing if he would come home alive each night. So, she broke up with him and left Gotham.

New Earth Version

This version of Silver also reintroduced on the new earth continuity where she was engaged with the new mayor of Gotham but dumped him to be with Bruce. But trying to save Silver from the Joker, the mayor got himself hurt very badly. So, Batman dumped Silver so that she can get back to him to treat her.

Prime Earth Version

When her ex-finance died, Silver returned to Gotham and Bruce. This time they had one of the most sexual relationships within comics. Her pet name for Bruce was DD which is short for Double-Digits because they both hit double digits on their first date. Regardless of that Bruce and Silver had a whirlwind romance for months, making Bruce Wayne happy for maybe the first time in his life. Batman eventually proposed to her but she was killed by the villain Onomatopoeia.


After Sliver and left and the knight had some on and off relationship with Selena Kyle and Julie Madison again, Yumiko, a Japanese woman came to Batman’s life. But she ended up leaving very shortly.

Lilian Stern

Lilian Stern came after Julie left Bruce for the second time and became Batman’s girlfriend. She was a reporter and a night club owner. Much like Yumiko, this love interest didn’t last long.

Marissa Pace

A businesswoman named Marissa Pace came across the Cape Crusader’s life for a short while. But like Yumiko and Lilian Stern she couldn’t handle Bruce’s mysterious disappears and she dumped him within days.

New Earth: Post Crisis

When the Crisis on Infinite earth at its full swing, Batman confessed his love to Selena Kyle. But alongside Robin, they got to witness the destruction of their entire universe. On the bright side, it was reborn as the New Earth.

Mallory Maxon

In the new continuity, Bruce had a childhood girlfriend named Mallory Maxon at a resort they would spend every summer at. She was also the one from who he got the first kiss. But the next summer was the one where his parents were killed and Bruce went cold on Mallory.

Years later, Mallory would come back to Bruce’s life as a beautiful and appealing young lady. They dated for a little but that didn’t last.

Dawn Golden

As a kid, Bruce also knew a girl named Dawn Golden. She and Bruce didn’t get really well in their youth but they did end up dating in college for a short period of time.

Naturally, Wayne encountered Dawn again years later which got him wrapped up in demonic shenanigans where she ultimately dies. 

Vesper Fairchild

Regardless of which continuity, Batman has some fantasy with the reporters. Bruce proposed Vasper Fairchild in the middle of an interview. This led to a very good relationship but it had to hold off as Gotham suffered a massive earthquake. The city was declared no man’s land and Vasper left Gotham.

Vasper returned to Gotham after a while to be Batman’s girlfriend again. They continued the relationship for a while but Bruce dumped her in order to focus on his mission as Batman.

Amina Franklin

Amina Franklin is one of the short-time girlfriends of Batman. Her appearance was so small that they didn’t even have a proper date to be talked about. She was killed by her supervillain brother, which basically she existed for.

Jezebel Jet

Jezebel Jet is a former supermodel who runs a small African nation called Matamba. She and Bruce hit it off very well and they got so close that Jet figures out that Bruce Wayne is Batman. Batman lowered his guard for her only to find out that Jet was a member of a dastard group called Black Glove, which was trying to break Bruce. 

After some harsh days and some crazy incidents, The Dark Knight broke up with Jezebel Jet for good.

April Clarkson

During the Batman After Midnight series, a police officer named  April Clarkson was taking credit for Batman’s apprehensions. She dated Bruce for a few days but frequently hooked up with Batman behind. But this double date came to an end when she was seemingly killed.

Prime Earth: Post-Flashpoint

Jaina Hudson

Jaina had the ability to turn into two separate people. With her doppelganger becoming the villain White Rabbit. Jaina and Bruce only dated for a little since he ironic kept blowing her off to hunt down White Rabbit. Since she could be at two places at once, but Batman couldn’t, she ended up getting bored and dropped contact. 

Natalia Trusevich

After the breaks up with Jaina, Bruce sharted seeing Natalia Trusevich who was a concert pianist. She initially calls things off with Bruce because she discovered his secret and was upset that he wouldn’t admit it. After some time to think about it, Bruce owns up to being a Batman and makes a genuine effort towards letting Natalia in his life.

When Batman dropped her off at a symphony in the bat plane, one of the mad hatter’s henchmen noticed. The Hatter kidnaped Natalia to learn Batman’s secret identity but didn’t open her mouth. In a rage, the hatter killed Natalia.

Charlotte Rivers

One of the New 52 love interests of Batman was a hot reporter, Charlotte Rivers. While working, Batman got close to her and they shared a few romantic dates for a few days.

Once Charlotte was undercover to find more information about her criminal sister and got hurt in the process. When Charlotte was in the hospital, she got an opportunity to work in Paris. She took the offer and broke up with our playboy.

Andrea Beaumont

Andrea Beaumont was actually inspired by the DC Animated Batman series as the Phantasm. Bruce was instantly attracted to her but because of the double life as Phantasm. We are yet to find out where this love life goes by or will she be the perfect Batman’s girlfriend we have been waiting years for.

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