10 Greatest Black Superheroes in Comics

Recruiting black superheroes was not a popular practice during the platinum or the golden age of comics. But things turned in a good direction after the 1960s and we found some of the best black characters in comic books.

10 Greatest Black Superheroes of All Time

we are going to look at some amazing superheroes that took our hearts in the comics and represented the black race of nature.

10. Blade (Eric Brooks)

Eric Brooks was the son of a prostitute named Tara Brooks in England. While Tara was in her labor she was feasted by a vampire named Deacon Frost. Through her blood, Eric received a portion of Deacon’s enzymes which gave him several vampire powers.

As a child, Eric was trained with hand to hand combat, daggers and knives thus took the name “Blade”. As Blade, he devoted his life to slay vampires and keep them from hurting humans.

The enzymes also game Blade several superhuman abilities like, being able to smell supernatural creatures, prolonged lifespan and the immunity to be turned into vampires. As he was a half-human, he could go out on the sunlight and do everything as a regular human being.

Over the years Blade has been in several mainstream media and trademarked himself as a strong black character in the story.

9. Black Lightning (Jefferson Pierce)

Jefferson Pierce aka Black Lightning was the first black superhero ever to get a solo comic book series in the DC universe.

Black Lightning was born as a metahuman who can generate, manipulate, and control electricity out of nothing. Although he received his complete story in 1978, it was canceled after 11 issues. But later he was a part of several superhero teams including the Justice League of America, and Outsiders.

Being a metahuman, Black Lightning is able to manipulate electricity in every way possible. He can absorb energy, make strong force fields. On top of that, he is a master athlete and has a physical condition that is lucrative to every female superhero in the team. 

8. Static (Virgil Hawkins)

A metahuman with the ability to control electromagnetic fields and generate mass electronic forces is Static aka Virgil Hawkings. Even though Virgil was born a metahuman, he was born with his powers.

Static got himself in an accident where he was exposed to a radioactive chemical that evolved his genetic mutations and gave him the power to manipulate electrons. Although most often he is referred to as the son of Black Lightning, it is still not confirmed by the industry. 

Static has a brilliant scientific mind and psionic immunity. He can create magnetic forcefields, manipulate electronic data, and develop strategies like a boss. Often times he is considered as one of the most brilliant minds in the DC universe and a formidable ally to have beside one.

7. Falcon (Sam Wilson)

A distant nephew of The Incredible Hulk, Sam Wilson was the sidekick of Captain America until he got retired. A strong and reliable friend to Captain Steve Rogers, Sam took the name falcon when he used the “super-normal meal link” which would allow him to fly like a falcon.

Falcon was one of the first black superheroes in marvel to feature as the Avenger in the storylines and onwards. After the retirement of Captain America, Falcon became the new leader of the Avengers and has been running the team with pride.

Sam Wilson’s prime weapon in a fight is his falcon suit. In addition to that, he is a trained martial artist, an excellent strategist, and a skilled fighter in hand to hand combat. He also has very little empathic and telepathic abilities that allow him to communicate with all birds and use them to his needs.

6. Batwing (David Zavimbe)

Popularly known as the “Batman of Africa”, David Zavimbe aka Batwing is the first black batman ever created. He is also one of the very few characters that were featured outside the USA.

As an orphan boy David Zavimbe was taken to the war by the Army of Dawn. There he was trained in a brutal fashion that made him an expert hand to hand fighter. After escaping from the army he was chosen by Batman Incorporated, an initiative to make Batman figures all over the world.

Bruce Wayne himself visited David to get in touch with him and saw the incredible potential thus making the Batwing. 

As batwing, David has been a hell of a fighter. He is a master in mixed martial artist, has an arsenal of amazing gadgets, and on top of that he is a skilled detective.

5. Spider-Man (Miles Morales)

After the death of the original Spider-Man, Miles Morales took the role of the friendly neighborhood in the Ultimate Marvel storyline in 2011. He was the first black Spider-Man that ever created in the multiverse.

Born and raised at Brooklin, Miles was the son of an African-American father and a Porterican mother. Bitten by a genetically engineered spider created from Peter Parker’s blood, gave him all the abilities like the Orignal Spider-Man along with some other powers like camouflage and venom strike. 

Miles originally took the red and blue costume but was criticized by the city since Peter Parker is already dead. Working with Sheild he was given a new set of red and black outfits to ease the conflict. Since then he has been a sensational new face to the Spider-Verse and the black community.

4. Luke Cage (Carl Lucas)

Luke Cage aka Carl Lucas is the first black superhero ever to be featured as a protagonist and a comic book title character in history. Also known as Power Man, Luke Cage was once a hero for hire and a prominent member of Avengers, Defenders, and Thunderbolts. 

Luke was an ex-convict who volunteered for an experimental project during his time the prison. The project went sideways and the experimental gas resulted in him receiving superhuman strength, stamina, and impenetrable skin.

Later he teamed up with Iron Fist and became the hero for hire for a short period of time. He was married to Jessica Jones and has appeared in several mainstream media as a representation of a powerful black character in the marvel industry. 

3. Cyborg (Victor Stone)

Victor Stone was a football athlete who was willing to live his dream of becoming a superstar until Planet Darkseid invaded. One of its blasts burnt most of Victor’s body when he was entering his father’s laboratory.

Victor’s father was a scientist and took his son’s body to the lab. He used experimental alien technology and fused it with Vic’s body, turning him into Cyborg. 

He was already a super genius student and the alien tech gave him more. It gave him superhuman strength, stamina, speed, flight, self-regeneration, and made him a machine with inbuilt weapons and sonic cannons.

Since his creation, he has been an important member of the Justice League and a mastermind of plannings alongside Batman.

2. Black Panther (T’Chala)

The king of Wakanda and the protector of the people, T’Chala aka Black Panther is the first African Decedent black superhero in the mainstream media.

Black Panther is the king of Wakanda, where one of the most powerful metals “Vibranium” is found. As a hero, he has enhanced abilities that he received by drinking the heart-shaped herb, a Wakandanina essence that enhanced his strength, agility, reflexes, and endurance. 

T’Chala is also a warrior, master of martial arts, and one of the smartest characters in marvel. He wears a Vibranium suit that gives him more endurance and a claw sharper than katana. He has been a powerful black member of the Avengers as well as forming multiple teams with Fantastic Four & Ultimates.

1. Green Lantern (John Stewart)

John Stewart was a struggling architect before the Guardians of the Universe selected him as a backup for the current Green Lantern aka Hal Jordan. Stewart was the first African-American superhero ever to appear in DC comics back in 1971. 

Originally Hal didn’t like the idea of recruiting John as a backup for the Green Lantern as he was motivated towards political agendas rather than saving the universe. But later on, he proved his worthiness and marked himself as an excellent recruit.

After the retirement of Hal Jordan in the 1980s, John Stewart became the full-time Green Lantern and one of the founding members of the Justice League. 

Like all other Green Lanterns, John was powered by the green ring, representing the Green Lantern Corps. His powers were limited to his imaginations, Possessing the power of flight, real-time language translation, space travel, super strength, and abilities. 

A character’s race can never be the judgment of a superhero. Despite race, gender, and color, a comic book lover has just to be in love with the character. So, what do you think of this list? Who is your favorite back superhero?

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