House of M – The Complete Story

House of M is one of the most popular storylines that Marvel has ever published. It is still one of the top three selling comics stories, selling over two million copies worldwide. It was published in 2005 by Marvel Comics, an eight-issue story that was the follow up of Marvel’s Avengers Disassembled. This is the story that revealed the true powers of the Scarlet Witch and ranked her as one of the most formidable characters in Marvel.

The Plot

At Avengers Disassembled, Wanda Maximoff aka Scarlet Witch mentally breaks down. Even though she couldn’t have kids with Vision, She was convinced by her own hallucination that her kids were real and the avengers have taken them away. 

Through her hallucination, she controlled Tony Stark’s body to create a massive disruption to the formation of the team. Doing so she kills Vision, Scott Lang, and Hawkeye thus breaking the avengers.

The House of M Timeline

The House of M events is popularly known for the enormous powers that are showcased by Scarlet Witch. There was more than one occasion that she revealed how powerful she can be. So, let’s dive into the story and the events chronologically. 


The story begins with Magneto trying to take care of her daughter Scarlet Witch. He took her to Genosha. He brought her to the only person he knew could actually fix her mind, Professor Charles Xavier. 

But not even he can fix this. Wanda’s mind is so shattered that every time she collapses, she alters the whole reality. She brings Vision back to life, she brings her father and brother at her sight. She even brings back to life her two children. Two children, who never really existed, ever.

Professor Xavier has to step in every time and yield at her, “Put the word back as it was Wanda, Put it now.” and every time she mentally breaks down in tears, unable to cope with everything that happened.

Realizing there is nothing he can do to stop it, Xavier tells Magneto that his powers are no longer enough to contain her. She needs to be stopped, Permanently. Magneto breaks down to his knees and confronts that its all his fault, he never was a good father that they needed.

Professor X calls the remaining Avengers and the X-Men together. They need to remove the problem which is the Scarlet Witch. She needs to be killed to prevent altering the universe again & again, Emma Frost comes with this. Captain America argued but wasn’t able to give an alternative solution. 

Doctor Strange went to Wanda, trying one last time to help her. But even he was not matched for her. 

Back in Genosha, Quicksilver runs back to Magneto revealing that they are going to kill her sister. Magneto reacts as he already knows, and says “Maybe they are right”. Quicksilver gets shocked and just falls to his knees in tears.

The debate between the Avengers and X-Men kept ongoing. Whether they should do it? Should they kill her? And they finally decided they can’t risk it again. So, with Professor Xevior’s help, the whole group flies to Genosha, the former city of the mutants. 

As they arrive, they can’t find Scarlett Witch. Then all of a sudden each member starts to disappear one by one. Spider-Man was the last one left, just to be overwhelmed by a flash of light.

A New World

Wolverine wakes up in bed next to her lover, Mystique. He quickly jumps out and shouts, whats going on? He then looks outside and realizes that he is on a Sheild helicarrier as it flies with a flag that has an M on it. The Sentinals are flying alongside it.

A surprised Wolverine asks Mystique about yesterday and Genosha. But Mystique is more confused. She asks if anything has happened to Lord Magus. Wolverine quickly double-takes, Lord Magus? Magneto?

All of a sudden, he figures out everything. And he simply jumps off the helicarrier. 

Once he is on the ground and heals himself enough to walk again, he grabs a newspaper to finds out what the hell is going on. Everything is so wrong around here.

Superheroes are pop culture icon, Magneto is holding a gala for Storm, Namor is going to attend that gala. The Next page was holding more surprises, there was a paparazzi picture of Peter Parker with his son, Lord Kevin Plunder is an animal rights activist. Tony Start, Allison Blare, Jason Winguard, and Warren Windington are all in a who is the hottest list. 

With all these one things were certain that Mutants are the dominant race in this world and humans are the minorities. Opossiot to the normal world. With his confusion getting even worse, Wolverine steals a motorcycle and rides off to the streets to get his answer. He rides to the Xavier mansion, just to find its empty. He went to Starc Tower to find Tony but didn’t find so. 

Before Wolverine could get any further, he confronts the shield agents he doughed out of the helicarrier. Agents Rogue, Todd, Nightcrawler, Jessica Drew, and Mystique are with Shield. He quickly starts fighting them. Knocking out Jessica Drew and dodging Nightcrawlers teleports, wolverine takes off to the streets with his motorcycle. Before he can do anything, Cloak appears in front of him and teleports him away.

The Elucidation

Cloak takes wolverine to an underground location where Luke Cage gathered the non-mutants to form a Human Resistant Movement. He finds an alive Hawkeye, who typically shoots him in the head. Hawkeye can’t be too careful with mutants anymore. 

But this is the Wolverine. So, he heals himself back again and tells him they should have removed the tracker before bringing him down there. Within seconds the ceiling explodes and the Sentinels have found their target. But before they can kill anyone Cloak uses his power and teleports them to a safer place.

Luke Cage confronts Wolverine, demanding an explanation. Wolverine explains that this world is wrong, this world is backward and flipped sideways.

In the right world, humans are in charge and the mutants are the minority, magneto is a villain and humans are a group known as the Avenger and the Mutants are a group known as the X-Men. They went to stop a woman named Wanda Maximoff or Scarlett Witch as she is better known and she was so powerful that she was able to alter the entire reality as she saw fit. It has to be one of her tricks and Hawkeye is dead in the universe, killed by Scarlet Witch.

Wolverine explains that he knows all of there because he has been mind-wiped so many times that his brain can now heal itself to an extent. He also knows why this happened. Seeing how everyone is living their lives, he theorizes that Magneto had Scarlett Witch change the world so that everyone can have their greatest wishes granted. 

Luke Cage doesn’t seem surprised. He said, “I believe you, that little girl over there, showed up yesterday saying all of the same things”. Wolverine walks to her and found out that her name is Layla Miller. But other than knowing what the world is supposed to be, she has no idea why she knows this.

The Confrontation

Wolverine clarifies that they need to start making a group that can help face Scarlet Witch. The resistance agrees and using Cloke’s powers, they started going around the world to find the proper people. 

The first stop is the apartment of Cyclops and Emma Frost, who are married and happy in this world. Just as the resistance arrived, Emma Frost returns home and freezes their mind locking up in one place. It was a good thing that she could read minds because before she can call the cops, she gets a brief glimpse at Wolverine’s head and sees everything.

Emma finds how the world is supposed to be. She gets sick at her stomach and releases the resistance. After hearing everything she hops into Layla’s mind trying to find out what her secret is.

Emma discovers that Layla is a conlanger. She has psychic powers but they are not actually psychic. She can unlock people’s memories of the real world and she is the key to saving this universe.

The Recruitment

Once they find out about Layla, they got their ace of spades. Its time to unlock people’s memories. They start with cyclops, Emma’s husband in this world. He vomits finding out that it isn’t his reality.

Next, it was Peter Parker, who was a celebrity, married to Gwen Stacy, and has Uncle Ben alive at his sight n this reality. Once he finds out what his real life is like, he breaks down in tears. After that, they recruited Kitty Pryde, Doctor Strange, Ms. Marvel, Tony Stark, Daredevil, and She-Hulk. There was one person who they wanted to recruit the most, but they can’t. Captain America is almost 100 in this reality. His greatest wish was never to be frozen. 

Resistance then switched Rogue, Todd, Mystique, Nightcrawler, and  Jessica Drew from Sheild and they were ready to go. The team is ready to kill Scarlet Witch. It’s too bad they can’t get Professor X’s help. In this reality, he is dead.

The heroes couldn’t decide what they should do. Should they reset reality? Everyone has what they want. There’s no war, no threat, the mutants aren’t fighting to stay alive anymore. But in the end, they decided, regardless of how awesome this reality looks, it’s not their reality. They need to fix things. 

Battle against the House of M

Lord Magus and his house of Magus all sit around the gala to welcome the likes of Princess Orora, Doctor Doom, and Prince Namor to their party. Suddenly a broken Sentinal comes crashing into the party, along with the New Avengers. This team is ready to fight to the death to restore their proper reality.

The battle goes bloody. Heroes are falling, the former heroes are falling, villains are standing triumphant. There was still no sign of Scarlet Witch. Where is she? How this madness will actually end?

Doctor Strange, searching for Wanda, he goes to the tower where Scarlet Witch was hiding along with her two children. The two children that she created from nothing. Whom she had lost, along with her sanity. Two children, who she would do anything to have back. 

The Truth

Doctor Stange exchanges pleasantries with Scarlet Witch and asks how this happened. She explains it wasn’t her father, Magneto had nothing to do with this. It was her brother Quicksilver. Back when Magneto yielded at him and stated he wouldn’t do anything. Quicksilver went to his sister.

They always have been alone, their father never cared about them or tried to save them. They only had each other. He can’t lose his sister. He can’t lose her to anything. So, he suggested Wanda give everyone their wishes, whatever they wanted. Then they might just leave two of them alone, finally.

Doctor Strange just looks in shock. It wasn’t Magneto fault, this invasion was wrong. But before they can use Scarlet Witch to fix this, she is struck with an arrow at her back. She falls to the ground and sees Clint Barton, the one she killed in the real world.

Wanda vanishes the arrow into thin air and asks Hawkeye, why did he do that. Hawkeye breaks down with anger and after a heated exchange of words, One of Scarlet Witche’s sons uses his power of “erase” and simply vanishes him from existence, again.

The Final Fight

While Doctor strange was having that conversation, Emma Frost was fighting Magneto. Using Layla’s telepathic abilities she reveals the truth to him about what happened, what it’s all about.

Meanwhile, in the ground, Quicksilver was running faster than ever before to defeat this Avengers team. Knocking as many as he can and as quickly as he can, only to be stopped by a very angry Magneto. What did you do boy? Magneto demands to know.

With no satisfactory answer, Mag unleashed his wrath throwing everything that was around him and kills Quicksilver. Scarlet Witch then arrives and shouts “Noooooo!!”, She does down in tears and holds her brother’s broken body in her arms. Everyone just watches, too scared to even move.

Wanda looks up at her father and she yields at him, “We’re not the next step, we’re not God’s father! We’re Freaks, we’re mutants. Daddy! NO MORE MUTANTS.”

And just like that in a blink of an eye, all reality changes once again.

The Aftermath

The sun rises on a new day. Peter Parker wakes up to a certain red-head, Mary Jane Watson. But he sadly just gets out of bed and walks to the bathroom as he remembers his entire previous life. Gwen, Uncle Ben, and even his son.

Everyone remembers those better lives, that world in which they had everything they ever wanted. Everything seems to be back to normal again. But a beater Doctor Strange walks into the room and says, Not Quiet!

The Mutants have been decimated. Most of them lost their powers, even the ones with the omega level status on them. What was once a world of millions, is now barely a world of hundreds. Professor X is still missing and presumed dead. Wolverine has all of his life memories back, from the day he was born. 

Hawkeye is back only to be found missing as his suit is pinned to a wall with his own arrows. The remaining X-Men with powers quickly went to Genosha to find a powerless Magneto. They searched for Scarlet Witch, but they couldn’t find her, nor Quicksilver. Nobody knows where they are.

This reality will not be fixed. This is the state of the Marvel Universe. The Avengers sit around the table debating if they should help or what can they do to help. Should they step in and do something for their Mutant brothers? But they decided to stay out of it.

That was the whole story that made Scarlet Witch one of the most powerful characters in the Marvel universe. The House of M event was first told to happened in Earth-616, but later it was redirected to Earth-58196. Either way, it was a beautifully written story that is still a great joy to read. So, what you think of the story? Do you still enjoy it? Let me Know your favorite Marvel storyline.  

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