DC’s Metron (Origin) – Owner of the Mobius Chair

Knowledge is Power! But what if you have all the knowledge from the whole galaxy? DC actually introduced such a character and a chair that is easily considered as one of the most dangerous weapons in the entire multiverse. We are going to learn about Metron, the Owner of the Mobius chair and arguably the king of knowledge. 

Origin of Metron 

Metron made his debut in the New God’s volume 1 issue number 1 in 1971. Metron is 6 feet 1 inch tall and weighs around 190 pounds. He has blue eyes and black hair. Although Metron made his debut back then, his true origins and identity are still a mystery. All we know is that he is a mysterious figure who at some point in the past received an amazing chair, the Mobius chair. It was acquired from an enigmatic figure who called himself Mobius.

Powers and Abilities

Metron’s personal powers are somewhat unknown but he has demonstrated numerous godlike abilities, somewhat inconsistently although. He’s not a God, but he’s the one that possesses the Mobius Chair. It’s a device that provides pan-dimensional travel, the ability to access any knowledge in the universe, and provides forcefield-like protection. It also possesses tractor beams that are powerful enough to carry planets along behind it.

Metron also created incredible technologies that are too numerous to mention. But one very notable invention that he has to his credit is he is the one who made the boom tube technology. It’s a weapon that’s often used by the New Gods to teleport great distances.

Journey of the King of Knowledge

On his journeys across dimensions, Metron has witnessed multiple crises that have destroyed and remade realities. He has seen events that caused damage to the very fabric of existence itself. Metron possesses a massive amount of knowledge about every universe across the multiverse. He’s easily comparable to walk to the watcher in the Marvel Universe.

One interesting thing that took place in 1982’s DC-Marvel crossover in the Uncanny X-Men and The New Teen Titans, Metron actually tells Darkseid that Dark Phoenix is a part of the anti-life equation. Metron is actually the one who has confided Darkseid about the anti-life equation in the first place. He apparently holds the key to the anti-life equation but he’s just a seeker of knowledge and so will not tell anyone all of his knowledge.

Because of his knowledge and experiences, Metron feared that a clash between Darkseid and The Anti-Monitor would lead to universal annihilation. He was determined to avert this and became the advisor to Darkseid’s enemy; The New God, Genesis. He attempted to manipulate events to eliminate Darkseid before his confrontation with the Anti-Monitor.

Metron even went as far as to engineer a conflict between the Genesis and the Lantern Corps in the hope that the power of the lanterns rings could be harnessed to defeat Darkseid. He even returned to confront the Justice League and told them that they should evacuate earth as soon as possible as it was impossible for them to win against the anti-monitor. However, The Amazon Princess, Diana used the Lasso of Truth to make Metron admit that they could find the answer if they take the chair from him. It prompted her to pull him from the chair and Batman then commandeered it and took the knowledge and power for himself.

After the Anti-Monitor and Darkseid are destroyed in battle, Batman voluntarily separates himself from the Mobius Chair, being leery of its addictive knowledge and power. Metron later returned to his chair and continued his quest for unlimited knowledge. 

Despite being one of the most famous characters in the DC universe, Metron has had very few appearances in the comic book pages. But whenever he came, it was a treat for the fans. Are you a fan of Metron? How do you think he came to be?

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