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10 Most Powerful Anti-Hero in the Marvel Universe

10 Most Powerful Anti-Hero in the Marvel Universe

10 Most Powerful Anti-Hero in the Marvel Universe

Everyone’s got a favorite superhero and everyone’s got a favorite super villain. But in my humble nerdy opinion some of the best characters are those that walk the fine line between those two designations. Like the tightrope it’s meant to be. Today we’re going to be taking a look at the top 10 most powerful marvel anti-heroes. Let’s hop right into the countdown. 

10. Namor

At number 10 we have Namor, the submariner. Now if you just look at his record on paper, Namor has a pretty villainous track record as a half mutant and half Atlantean warrior. He’s constantly fighting the fantastic four, frequently fighting the avengers and has occasionally kidnapped the invisible woman at least once or twice. However, as leader of the Atlantean people, many of these conflicts only came about as Namor sought to do what was best for his countrymen. In recent years he has become an ally to the Avengers, the Defenders, the illuminati and many other superhero groups just as long as you don’t do anything to harm atlantis. But overall Namor can be an incredibly useful and powerful friend to have in your corner

9. Blade

At number 9 we have the beloved vampire killer known as Blade. Born as a human vampire hybrid named Eric Brooks, Blade has all of the powers of a Marvel Universe Vampire with nearly none of the negative side effects. He possesses superhuman strength and speed with all of his senses heightened to make him a perfect predator. while being immune to damage from sunlight, silver or holy artifacts that would instantly turn a regular vampire powerless; he does still need the nutrients from fresh human blood to prevent himself from losing control of his hunger. Blade often uses a special serum as opposed to actually draining any humans. With so many strengths and so little weaknesses, Blade is definitely a blood-sucking force to be reckoned with.

8. The Punisher

Coming up next we have frank castle aka the punisher. Now The Punisher obviously fits the bill as an anti-hero but is he really one of the most powerful? Despite his lack of actual superhuman abilities, The Punisher is considered to be at the absolute peak of non-enhanced human performance with a long military history and years of physical combat training. However the truly most terrifying thing about The Punisher is his dedication to his cause. While other heroes may shy away from violence and especially murder, The Punisher has no such qualms and fear that the marvel universe’s villains feel towards a hero. That’s willing to get as dirty as they are. That’s some pretty intense stuff and definitely deserving of a spot on this list.

7. Ghost Rider

Taking the number seven spot, we have Johnny Blaze aka the fiery Ghost Rider. After Johnny made a deal with the villain Mephisto, a demon that just loves to try and steal the souls and happiness of various superheroes. For some reason he became the Ghost Rider capable of combining his form with that of a spirit of vengeance, known as Xerathose. It’s a form that is completely immune to any sort of physical attack unless it was made by a weapon of angelic origin.

Johnny is able to manipulate and control Hellfire, one of the most dangerous substances in the entire marvel universe that burns not only physical objects but the soul or essence of them as well. While he’s veered towards the dark side with his hellish abilities, several times over the years Johnny overall strives towards redemption and using his demonic powers for something at least slightly close to good.

6. Deadpool

Coming in at number six we’re gonna have to go with the famous or should I say infamous merc with a mount, Deadpool. Originally a villain for the X-Force, Deadpool has over the years turned into a charming and fourth wall-breaking anti-hero that’s always trying to do some form of good but sometimes shows it in some pretty odd and violent ways. However, the most notable aspect of Deadpool’s powers and what makes him so powerful is his sheer inability to die no matter how many times you stab him, shoot him or chop some bits off. Deadpool will always bounce back with at least a couple of bad jokes. Also add in a significant skill with all manner of firearms and weaponry and you’ve got an explosive anti-hero that you wouldn’t want to mess with.

5. Loki

At number five we’ve got the God of Mischief, Loki. While he may not be the crown prince of Asgard, he’s definitely the crown prince of changing allegiances. While Loki’s motivations and goals have changed frequently over his vast history with the only consistent characterization being that of a wild card, his strength and the level of his powers has maintained a particularly high quality combining the strengths of both his Frost Giant genetics and his asgardian upbringing. Loki would be formidable even without his mastery of magic and deception showing that power isn’t just about lifting heavy things or swinging a magical hammer but can be just as effective scheming behind the scenes. Plus you know being as handsome as Tom Hiddleston probably doesn’t hurt.

4. The Sentry

Coming in at number four is the underrated hero The Sentry. An expert on being torn between good or evil and being one of the most physically powerful beings in the entire marvel multiverse, the most interesting aspect of his powers is his manifestation of the void. An equally powerful dark version of his power of a million suns based abilities. With the void and the sentry actually being two halves of the same person and their internal struggle being so devastating as to put the entire world at risk. The sentry has actually had the world’s memory of him wiped on several occasions just to prevent the Void’s powers from being abused.

3. Scarlet Witch

Entering the top three, we have Wanda Maximoff aka the Scarlet Witch. Originally believing herself to be the mutant daughter of Magneto, Wanda is in reality one of the most powerful magic wielders in the Marvel Multiverse and a conduit for chaos magic that allows her to rewrite reality to her will. While Wanda may have been one of the most notable avengers for a time, she’s also struggled with her powers during events that wiped mutants off the face of the earth and brought her own children into existence through willpower alone. No matter what reality changing adventures she’s caught up in, Wanda Maximoff will always be one of the most powerful beings in the entire Marvel Universe.

2. Venom

At the runner-up spot, we’ve got the character that personally first pops up when I think of the word anti-hero. With the iconic Venom from Spider-Man’s edgier looking costume to a bulky web-slinging super villain to the lethal protector of San Francisco, Venom has held more jobs over the years than I have. Which is honestly saying a lot. But with the recent defeat of the dark symbiote god known as Knull, Venom has become the leader of the symbiotes and thus has one of the most unstoppable armies in the entire marvel multiverse at his beck. Let’s hope that Venom keeps on leaning on the hero part of the antihero because otherwise this guy would be a serious problem for the rest of the universe.

1. Magneto

Finally coming in at the number one spot we have the leader of the brotherhood of Mutants and the master of magnetism, Magneto. While some may know him as the most notable villain the x-men has ever faced, labeling Magneto as solely a villain is simplifying his tragic story far too much. Having rejoined with Professor X in recent years and been a major contributor to the new mutant home island of Krakowa, Magneto’s dedication to the mutant race is only dwarfed by the powers he possesses. Capable of altering the very magnetic fields that hold the universe together, Magneto’s abilities go far beyond that he can control metal simplification that his name seems to suggest. Magneto was recently able to help terraform the entire planet of mars and the version of him from the Marvel Ultimate Universe was even able to nearly single-handedly wipe out humanity just by reversing the planet’s polarity. So, he’s definitely more powerful than something you’d usually associate with sticking to your refrigerator.

Final Words

That’s all the time for marvel anti-heroes that we’ve got. But if there’s anyone that you think we left out be sure to let us know down in the comments below. Also, who do you think is the best anti-hero in the Marvel universe? 


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