10 Most Powerful Mutants in Marvel Comics

Mutants are a part of the Marvel universe. They possess powers that set them apart from humans and have always been at odds with one another. However, some mutants stand out to be stronger than others. Here, we are going to rank 10 of the most powerful mutants in the history of Marvel Comics.

10 Most Powerful Mutant in Marvel

Mutants are powerful and extraordinary beings. Some of them even have powers that can’t be matched by any other mutant in history. Who’s the most powerful? Which mutant is the strongest? Let’s find out.

10. Ice Man

Ice Man is a mutant that can create ice and freeze water. He’s also able to put up defenses against other mutants who use their powers on him. This makes him tough to beat in an all-out battle. Iceman’s power has allowed him to work with the X-Men, Avengers, and Fantastic Four at different times.

Ice-Man is one of the original mutants and also one of the strongest mutants ever. He possesses cryokinetic abilities which allow him to freeze even his opponent’s blood. He can also manipulate the surrounding ice for various needs. These include creating weapons, protective covers or shields, and offensive projectiles which he calls “Snowballs of Death.” He is able to create a limited amount every day so he must use his power wisely.

9. Elixir

Elixir is a mutant who can cure any disease, but he has the ability to make people’s lives worse. He also heals injuries and other ailments such as paralysis. No one can heal with more ease than him in all of Marvel Comics history.

He also possesses an Omega Level Mutant ability called “Molecular Healing Factor”, which means he can heal from any injury. He can even heal others from injuries, diseases, and other ailments by either touching them or using a substance that he creates from his body to help someone’s healing process. His powers are so strong that he was able to cure the most dangerous Legacy Virus of mutants.

Elixir is very intelligent and has knowledge of both science and medicine as well, which makes him a formidable opponent for any enemy.

8. Magneto

Magneto is one of the strongest mutants in history. His power stems from his control over metal and electromagnetism. He can use this to create weapons, shield himself, fly or even defend others. Magneto’s mutant powers are so strong that they have been said to rival those of a god!

Magneto was born with his mutant powers and has used them for both good or bad. He is a powerful leader of the Brotherhood of Mutants who is determined to take over Earth because they believe mutants can do better than humans in society. Magneto then leads an army against the X-Men, but he always fights with honor and does not kill anyone unless necessary.

His mutant powers are incredibly strong, but he is unable to control his anger. Magneto has been betrayed by those he cares for most in his life and uses the power of metal as a form of revenge against humans.

7. Hope Summers

Daughter of Cyclops of Jean Grey, Hope Summers was the first mutant to born after the M day.  Born with the power of telepathy, she also has the ability to teleport and create psionic blasts. She was taken into protective custody by  Charles Xavier and has been living in a secret location.

Hope turned out to be one of the strongest mutants ever in the X-Men history. Her primary power is that she can copy anyone’s power and use it better than the original. She is also able to use her psionic blasts and teleport.  When she absorbs the power of a mutant, she becomes more powerful than that person was before.

As one of the most powerful mutants in Marvel Comics history, Hope Summers is on our list at number six.

6. Jean Grey

One of the five original mutants that were introduced back in 1963, Jean Grey is by far the most powerful of all. The Phoenix Force was said to grant her unlimited power and she’s also able to control minds, manipulate matter with telekinesis as well as fly at light-speed.

Jean Grey is one of the most powerful mutants in Marvel comics. She can control and manipulate all forms of energy, including natural ones such as sunlight, electricity, nuclear radiation (including from within a nucleus), kinetic energy, heat, and gravity waves. As she has grown older over time her powers have grown to near God-like levels as a result of training under Xavier’s tutelage. 

5. Apocalypse

Apocalypse was born over 5000 years ago and has been alive for so long that his body no longer ages or decays at any rate. He has always shown to be more intelligent than most other mutants, as well as being stronger and faster – even without using his full power. His most iconic power is his ability to transform into a being of living metal, which allows him to heal and regenerate at an incredible rate.

Apocalypse was the first mutant in Marvel  Comics, which makes him one of the strongest mutants to have ever existed.

He is also a master strategist and tactician, capable of planning years in advance for his goals. He has often been seen as an anti-hero or villain in comics while trying to accomplish some goal – but he can be persuaded otherwise with the promise of furthering his goals.

4. Nate Grey (X-Man)

He is the Cable from an alternate timeline who was infused with a techno-organic virus. Nate Grey is one of the most powerful mutants in Marvel Comics history. He possesses powers that are unmatched by most other characters like being able to control and manipulate reality, time, space, and matter.

Son of Jean Grey and Scott Summers, Nate Grey’s abilities include unlimited telekinesis, the ability to teleport himself or other people into any location he desires,  and being able to sense any event before it happens.

Nate Grey is also a proficient fighter and has the ability to absorb all types of energy, which he uses as ammunition for his telekinesis. Nate Grey is an Omega Level Mutant with unlimited potential.

3. Onslaught

Onslaught appeared when Professor Xavier was attacked by an unknown psychic entity and he merged with his own darker side, Magneto’s dark persona. The two personalities clashed but eventually fused to form a new being that turned out to be Onslaught who grew stronger as time passed.

Once he became fully aware and powered up, he proved that he was more powerful than both Professor Xavier and Magneto who were the most powerful psychics at the time.

Onslaught’s powers include telepathy, psionic force blasts (force of pure mental energy), superhuman intelligence, reality-warping abilities to shape objects in any way imaginable with his  mind, telekinesis (the ability to move objects with the mind), and transmutation (turning one thing into another)

Onslaught’s most powerful power is his reality-warping abilities. He can create anything he pleases by rearranging all matter on a molecular level which means that he could change all of Earth’s oceans into the air.

2. Legion

Mental illness and dysfunction are not uncommon in the Marvel universe, but one of its most powerful mutants is really an amalgamation of many others. David Haller aka Legion’s abilities includes telepathy, total recall (including all memories), flight, intangibility, phasing through matter, and the creation of psionic avatars in his own mind.

Legion is one of the strongest mutants in history, with a mind that can do anything from controlling minds to reading memories. His powers are more mental than physical and he’s able to create hallucinations for others as well. David suffers from schizophrenia which has caused him to split his consciousness into multiple people called “alternates.” These alternates have their own consciousness and take over David’s mind when he falls asleep or is unconscious.

David’s powers are virtually limitless as he is creating multiple personalities with his every thought. Each with its own sets of abilities and powers that are unique from the others. The only reason he is not the most powerful mutant in history is that he can not use all his powers at once. It’s limited to the personalities he is currently using.

1. Franklin Richards

Franklin Richards is the son of Mister Fantastic and Invisible Woman, as well as the grandson of Nathaniel Richards. He possesses a superhuman intellect which puts him on par with his father who has an IQ in excess of 180.

Franklin can literally do anything. He has the power to manipulate matter and energy, transmute elements into other elements and travel through time. He can also create pocket dimensions of infinite size that he manipulates from a single point in space-time.

Franklin Richards is an Omega Level Mutant with psionic powers including telepathy, empathy, mind control, illusion-casting; and vast mental defenses against other telepaths and psychic attacks.

Franklin is not only the most powerful mutants, but he is also one of the most powerful marvel characters that have ever existed in marvel comic’s history. He is the very reason for the existence of a multiverse in Marvel’s archive.

If you’re wondering why Scarlet Witch is on the list, it’s because Marvel officially retconned her backstory and declared that she is not a mutant anymore. If was, she would have been the most powerful mutant on this list. So, who do you think is the strongest mutant ever? 

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