10 Best Batman Comics Stories You Must Read!

It's no surprise that Batman is one of the most popular comic book characters in all of history. The Dark Knight has legions of...

10 Best Marvel Comics Storylines till 2021

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10 Best DC Comics Storylines till 2021

DC comics has been the home of some of the most amazing storylines in history. From the greatest detectives to the earth-crumbling aliens, what’s...

10 Best Spider-Man Comics Stories Since 1962!

Spider-man is one of the most popular superheroes in the Marvel universe. Since his debut, Spider-Mans comics are among the fan favorites. There have...
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Comic Book Origins

Donna Troy (Origin) The Orignal Wonder Girl

Donna Troy aka Donna Toria or the original Wonder Girl has been around for a long time. She is one of the most diverse...

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Sapphire Stagg is one of the most popular characters in DC Comics. She is best known as the long-time love interest of Metamorpho aka...

DC’s Apex Lex (Origin) Luthor’s Most Powerful Form

Lex Luthor has always been a non-powered yet formidable foe for Superman and the Justice League. But that all changed in DC’s New 52....

DC’s Metron (Origin) – Owner of the Mobius Chair

Knowledge is Power! But what if you have all the knowledge from the whole galaxy? DC actually introduced such a character and a chair...

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