Raven (Origin) Tragedy of The Most Powerful Empath

DC Comics has some of the darkest characters on its archive. Being the daughter of one of the strongest demons in the universe, it doesn’t get any darker. Raven has been one of the most powerful female superheroes since the beginning. Even with all her dark powers, has been able to fight for the good side and make her mark. 

The Comic Book Origin of Raven

Raven first appeared in DC Comics Presents issue #26 in 1980. We actually didn’t get her origin on that issue. So, how she came to be? Let’s dive into the origin.


Arella Roth was a rebellious, young, and beautiful female who just wanted to be loved. She was manipulated by the Cultists to join their ceremony. But she didn’t know that the cult was trying to bring the devil to earth.

Although the ritual did go as the cult’s plan, instead of conjuring Satan himself, they conjured the demon Trigon. He was conjured on a beautiful human body and a charming face. Arella instantly fell for the demon and Trigon took her as the bride.

Trigon ended by seducing Arella and putting his seed on her the very first night. When dead was done, Trigon revealed his true form. Red skin four eyes and horns. Needless to say, Arella wasn’t very thrilled with this appearance.

After the sex and successfully impregnating Arella, Trigon just tossed her to the side like some useless rag. After that, he killed everyone on the cult apart from Arella and waited for the day when his off-spring will finally be able to join him.


As the baby inside Arella started to shape fast, she became suicidal at the thought of having a demon baby. However, when she tried to take her life, a messenger stopped her and brought her to Azarath, which was a city on another dimension.

Very soon after that, she goes on to deliver her half-demon child. During the labor, Arella was so much in pain that she literally begged the people around him to kill her. And after an excruciating pain, she gave birth to a beautiful child, thus Raven was born.

The Tragedy

Trigon didn’t claim Raven right after her birth. She was raised in Azarath and Azar thought her quite a bit about controlling her emotions. The reason for the training was to give her enough control and combat the influence of Trigon on earth. As Raven’s demonic powers would otherwise aid the demon side to conquer the planet.

When Azar eventually died, Raven discovered for the very first time that her father was none other than the demon Trigon, and she was a half-demon.

Shortly after that, Raven met her father for the very first time. He wanted her to go with him and be with his side to conquer the universe, but she refused. She said that she sensed death and evil around him and he might be her father, but could never stand by him., that she was born in peace but he is pure destruction.

After the refusal, Raven decided to leave Azarath and flee to Earth. Ultimately she didn’t want to be like her father, instead, she wanted to use her powers for good.

She tried to join the Justice League of America, but that didn’t work out very well. Then she formed the New Teen Titans along with Cyborg, Beast Boy, and Starfire. And that is how she came to be and became a part of the New Teen Titans.

As a teen titan, she took the alias Rachel Roth, which she uses to go to school and try to become social in a cute way. Raven also had a romantic relationship with her fellow teammate Beast Boy. She is also considered to be one of the hottest female superheroes in the history of comics. 

Powers and Abilities

Raven is first and foremost is an empath. What this means is that she can sense and alter the emotions of others. She also possesses the soul Self herself which allows her to form an astral projection of solid black energy in the shape of a bird. Using her soul cell, she can carry and teleport herself and others to different places. 

Raven also displays the ability to control and use magic. She possesses chronokinesis, which basically means she can manipulate time. So, not only she can perceive events outside the normal confined of the space-time continuum, but can also time travel. And let’s not forget she can fly.

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