Sapphire Stagg (Origin) DC’s Sexiest Girlfriend?

Sapphire Stagg is one of the most popular characters in DC Comics. She is best known as the long-time love interest of Metamorpho aka Rex Mason, and also for being the daughter of Simon Stagg, a prominent villain in the comics. Sapphire was first introduced to readers back in 1965. But who exactly is Sapphire? Here, we are going to explore Sapphire’s character and her relationship with Metamorpho!

History of Sapphire Stagg

Created by Bob Haney and Ramona Fradon, Sapphire Stagg first appeared in The Brave and The Bold #57 back in 1965. She first appeared as the daughter of a mining magnate named Simon Stagg. When Sapphire’s father learned that his daughter is in love with Rex Mason, tried to kill him and in the process gave birth to the element controlling superhero Metamorpho.

In spite of Sapphire’s father’s strong disapproval, she and Rex eventually got married and had two sons, Roxy and Joey. Sapphire was a stay-at-home mom who often found herself embroiled in her husband’s conflicts with Simon Stagg.

Despite her short appearance in the Comic book pages, Sapphire Stagg is considered among the sexiest comic-book characters by many fans and that’s for a good reason.

She is popular among comic book fans just because of her immense beauty and attractiveness. She was so beautiful that even John Stewart thought of betraying his beloved friend Rex Mason, just to have Sapphire for himself.

Despite all her beauty, she was always loyal to Rex Mason for the longest time. But he was considered dead for a time being and that’s when Sapphire got connected with Java, her father’s assistant.

But eventually, Metamorpho came back and got together with Sapphire Stagg.

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