12 Sexiest Female Comic Book Characters in Marvel & DC

Since the beginning of the comic book age, writers have used sexy female characters to attract teenage boys (and it definitely worked). Although there wasn’t much to go at the beginning, as time passed by fans witnessed the development of some of the sexiest female comic book characters in both Marvel & DC universes. 

A powerful female character is on everyone’s top list. But a Hot and Powerful? That’s more like to be the sexiest thing in the world. For me, a confident woman who knows what to show and when to show it to get the most out of any is sexier than anything. 

12 Hottest Women in the Comics

With all the beautiful and sexy women in the comic book pages, it is very hard to rank them in a particular order. The definition of sexy might differ from person to person, but these females definitely have to be on top of your head. So, Here’s the list.

12. Black Cat

Felicia Sara Hardy aka Black Cat is known as one of the most notorious burglars who also seem to have a love interest with Spider-Man.

She is a highly skilled gymnast and an expert material artist, including the ability to see through various ranges of the electromagnetic spectrum.

With a physically attractive appearance in a skinny black leather suit, this silver-haired bombshell has attracted a spider-man more times than he could count. Despite her head-turning appearances, Black Cat has been an ally, an enemy as well as an obsession for the friendly neighborhood.

Over the years she has been seen several hot, overwhelming dresses and none of them failed to show the shape of her incredible boobies and her appealing figure. 

11. Rogue

You don’t always have to show your skin to be a hot persona. Anna Marie LeBeau aka Rogue is the ultimate example of that. 

With vast mutant powers of life absorption and flight, Rogue is super strong and has a way of getting around men. Even though she had to cover most of her skin due to her mutant powers, her charm and body had attracted many admirers. Some even risked getting hurt just to get a taste of her glossy lips.

Over the years Rough had many appearances including everyone’s favorite 90’s version, her Savage Land looks are enough to give her the title of the sexiest female marvel character.

10. Starfire

the princess from the planet Tamaranean, Starfire aka Koriand’r is one of the most desirable women in the DC universe. 

Coming from an alien race she possesses an incredible amount of powers. She even got hair that literally burns in flame. Now that is Hot. 

Starfire is never uncomfortable with her sexuality. She is never shy to show her skins thus wears a tine suit that almost shows every bit of her beauty. She has also hooked up with more superheroes than you can count.

Starfire can learn different languages but touching others, but she chooses to do so by kissing. With her charm and beauty, she definitely is one of the sexiest comic book characters in DC.

9. Poison Ivy

Pamela Lillian Isley aka Poison Ivy is known to an incredibly seductive anti-hero to both men and women. 

Pamela was a hot bombshell even before her toxicology experiment gone wrong. Along with her almost naked body and mind-controlling power, she has seduced almost every character she has come in contact with.

Ivy always had a romantic interest in Batman and tried to obtain him with a hot appearance. Despite her sexy person she is a smart and intelligent botanist and has proven to be a dangerous character to fight against. She is also popular among fans as one of the hottest supervillains in the comics. 

8. Mary Jane Watson

Spider-Man fan or not, you just have to admire be the beauty of the red-headed bombshell Mary Jane Watson also known as MJ. Despite having no superpowers she has been the queen of several comic book fans for decades. 

Mary Jane Watson is the sheer definition of beauty. Being a hot and attractive female she was able to pursue a career in acting as well as modeling. She has stolen Spider-Man’s heart on more than one occasion. 

With a cute smile and an attractive figure, she was able to influence several other superheroes and anti-heroes, which Spidy had a hard time fighting against. Although she didn’t reveal her skins as many times as other sexy characters, whenever she did fans hit the jackpot.

7. Talia Al Ghul

She is Batman’s most remarkable love interest and a dangerous obsession. Daughter of Ra’s Al Ghul, aka Talia Al Ghul is one of the sexiest characters in the DC universe.

Talia holds advanced degrees in Business, Engineering, and Biology. She is a master assassin and a skilled material artist. She is brilliant and sexy as well as seductive. She knows how to get Batman at his weakest and isn’t afraid to make him vulnerable with her charm and seduction. 

Over the years she had been in contact with the Dark Knight on many occasions. She showed every bit of her skin in the comic book pages as well as in several animated series. 

Each time she brings something new and the Dark Knight just doesn’t seem to get enough of her. 

6. Zatanna

Zatanna Zatara is one of the most powerful magicians in the DC universe. Always wearing fishnet and a tank top with a hat, Zatanna is the magical formula of an incredibly sexy character. 

Zatanna is an important member of the Justice League. With her mystical eyes and a sexy outfit, she has attracted many of her co-workers including Batman. Most of the male superheroes become obsessed with her charm and incredible physical appearance and she doesn’t mind that at all.

Zatanna has a seductive nature on the stage and often uses it to make illusions with her hands as no one actually looks at them. Despite her sexy charm, she is formidable on the battlefield. 

5. Wonder Woman

You have to admit the sexiest quality of a woman is her confidence. Princess Diana of Themyscira aka Wonder Woman is the complete package of hotness and confidence.

Wonder Woman was one of the first characters in the comic book industry to wear a skin-revealing costume. There are very few superheroes who didn’t admit the incredible beauty she possesses. Many have tried to get affection from her including Superman and Batman.

Despite her sexy appeal,  she has vast human strength and a well-muscled body. This raven-haired warrior princess has kicked the ass of a lot of notorious supervillains and earned her respect as one of the hottest characters in the DC universe.

4. Scarlet Witch

Wanda Maximoff, aka Scarlett Witch, it the sheer example of power and beauty. Despite her massive power level, she is one of the hottest women in town.

As a teenager, Wanda was so beautiful that her fellow teammates from the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants used to seduce her to get close to her. Her red-headed bombshell appearance and tiny clothes have actually turned more heads than her Hex Bolt. 

Wanda likes flexible clothes that almost reveal her whole upper body. With her Red and Pink tight leather costume, every member of the Avengers and X-Men has put an eye on her hot legs and cute butt. 

Her appealing looks and powerful persona has even made an android like Vision to fall for her. If you have seen her in the comic book pages, you definitely know what kinds of sexiness she brings to the table. 

3. Black Widow

Natasha Romannaf aka Black Widow was the sexy Russian Spy who later joined Sheild. The red-haired bombshell is a prominent member of the Avengers and one of the sexiest female superheroes in Marvel.

Black Widow doesn’t have any superpowers. But she has her ways to get things which often includes flirting, seducing, and making her target fall for her charm. Although she doesn’t need to do much with her iconic black leather suit which reveals most parts of her upper beauty.

Despite her sexy appearance and impossible beauty, she is a skilled tactician, smart, intelligent, and an expert hand-to-hand fighter. She is most often given the job to extract sensitive information and using her beauty and sex appeal, she does the job comfortably. 

2. Catwoman

Selena Kyle, otherwise known as Catwoman is typically too much to handle even for the Dark Knight himself. She is always seen in a tight black leather costume which basically reveals each part of her beautiful body.

Selena Kyle’s seduction skills are beyond anything that has ever been seen in the history of comic books. Her promiscuity has made almost every man turn back his head to have another look at her. She has a well-built body and charming face that would any men’s house. 

Apart from her reverent seduction skills, she is an expert burglar, master of hand-to-hand combat, and an expert gymnast. 

Catwoman has been one of the sexiest DC characters or even the hottest comic book characters for ages. 

1. Emma Frost

The blond White Queen, aka Emma Frost, had to on the number one spot for the sexiest female comic book character list. With her unmatched beauty and ultimate skin revealing nature, she is the hottest woman in the heart of millions of fans (including me).

Emma is a powerful telepath and a formidable mutant in the X-Men. But her charm and her promiscuity are more than enough to bring any men down to her knees. She has claimed the title of Home Wrecker and doesn’t get shy of making her the center of attention, where ever she goes. 

Over the years she has been in several sexy outfits and none of them failed to show most part of her beautiful titties and her incredible body. 

Marvel & DC fans have never been disappointed when it comes to having the hottest women in those comic pages. So, what do you think of my list for the sexiest female comic book characters? Who do you think is more deserving to be on this list? I would love to know your listing, and it must be hot.

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