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Skeletor (Origin) The Most Powerful Sourcerer on Eternia!

Skeletor (Origin) The Most Powerful Sourcerer on Eternia!

Introduction of Skeletor

Skeletor was first created as a toy by Mattel, which was released in 1981. He’s the main antagonist of the Masters of the Universe franchise. Also being the absolute nemesis of He-Man.

Origin of the Sorcerer

Skeletor’s real name is Keldor, also going by the alias Lord of Destruction. He’s a half-breed gar male that stands six feet one inch tall and weighs 215 pounds, having a skull for a head and therefore having no hair and no eyes. But he does have distinctive blue skin.

Skeletor’s backstory is a bit disheveled as he had various changes over the years from his initial mini-comics, DC Comics, Marvel Comics, Image Comics, Dark Horse Comics, and more. Not to mention his various iterations throughout the animated series. But what we consistently see is that he is absolutely evil, selfish, and sometimes comical.

He often takes pleasure in brutalizing his minions, wreaking havoc just for the sake of doing it, and even makes promises just so that he can break them.

As a matter of fact, the only being that Skeletor is consistently shown to have a reasonable relationship with is his giant feline known as Panthor. Which is the equivalent of He-Man’s battle cat.

Powers and Abilities

We can also say with certainty that Skeletor is the most powerful sorcerer in the franchise. He has a wide array of dark magical powers that he pretty much adapts to whatever he needs. But more often than not; he uses it to teleport, generate vast offensive energy projections and increase his strength to match the level of He-Man.

Skeletor vs He-Man

Skeletor’s operates out of a base named Snake Mountain. Whenever he goes into battle he usually carries his weapon of choice, which is his Havoc Staff. It tends to help him focus his magic and abilities to a much higher degree than normal.

When this is combined with the fact that he’s a highly proficient physical combatant as well as having a genius-level creative engineering mind, Skeletor is more than capable of holding his own against the powerful He-Man.

Comics Background

Keldor was the son of King Miro. He had the same father but a different mother than his brother Randor, who would later become king. This would make Skeletor He-Man aka Prince Adam’s uncle.

Generally speaking, throughout all continuities, Keldor would end up training under Hordak. Even at a young age, he had the ambition to become the most powerful sorcerer in the universe.

Hordak was the powerful ruler of the planet Etheria, which was a neighboring planet of the well-known Eternia. In various continuities, it would be revealed that Keldor’s extreme mystical ambitions would lead to him disappearing into another dimension for years. When he returned to Eternia, he would set his sights on overthrowing his brother and taking control of the entire planet.

Whether he got his skull-like appearance from a blood curse, or from a backfired acid attack, once he got his bare bone head, he was all in as Skeletor.

Skeletor’s maniacal quest for power would eventually lead to him turning on Hordak and would ultimately lead to him setting his sights on the power of Castle Greyskull.

Unfortunately, this would set him at odds with his long-lost nephew, Prince Adam aka He-Man – the most powerful man in the universe. With countless defeats at the hands of his nephew, it’s worth noting that Skeletor has never been permanently defeated and he has the determination to keep trying as long as it takes.


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