Spider-Man Noir (Origin) The Coolest Webhead Ever?

The Marvel poster boy aka Spider-Man has to be the most popular character of the Marvel multiverse. Since his journey in 1962, he has been in a lot of storylines including several alternate universes. And today, you are going to get the origin story for one of the coolest looking Spider-Man of all time.

The Origin of Spider-Man Noir

Right of the bat, this is one of the darker takes on your favorite web-slinger. He is a part of the Marvel Noir universe, and he is not the only character to get a Noir series.  Wolverine, Daredevil, Punisher, along with several other characters have taken part in this universe. With that out of the way, let’s get to know more about Spider-Man Noir.


This awesome version of your friendly neighborhood first appeared on Spider-Man Noir #1 in February 2009. As it is an alternate version of the main Earth-616 universe, the Spider-Man Noir storyline takes place in the early 1930s, during the great depression. 

In this alternate universe, Peter Parker grew up during the great depression and was raised by his aunt and uncle May and Ben Parker. They raised him to believe that good always triumphs over evil as both May and Ben Parker were social activists. 

The belief of Ben Parker was going to bring his doom as his actions brought the wrath of the crime boss, Norman Osborn aka the Goblin. His crime syndicate consisted of some of the best Spider-Man villains such as Kraven, the Chameleon, the Vulture who was a cannibal in this reality. 

The syndicate beat the crap out of Ben at which point they had the Vulture eat him alive… Yeah, that really happened!

Needless to say, the murder of Uncle Ben didn’t sit well with Peter, so he sought justice. The Goblin also tried to kill May and Peter, but they were saved by reported Ben Ulrick.

This incident subsequently led to Peter becoming Ulrick’s protégé at the Daily Bugle where he would write about those under threat by the Goblin.

After Peter received what was intended for Ulrick, he went to a warehouse where a bunch of Goblin’s men was unloading stolen shipments of antiques. 

One of the shipments contained an old creepy spider statue. While Peter was spying on them, Goblin’s men dropped the spider statue which released a cornucopia of spiders as it broke. 

The spiders crawled all over one of the henchmen, biting him everywhere. While Peter was watching in horror, one of the spiders managed to crawl to the place where he was hiding and bit him on the hand.

The Spider-God

The bite caused Peter to pass out and put him in a dream state, where he was greeted by a Spider-God. It said to him, “why do you tremble little man? My bite brings death only to those of evil intentions. I will bestow on you a greater torment, the curse of power.”

Peter then wakes up hanging from a beam where he is caught in a weird black web view. He sets himself free with an awesome superhero landing and begins to roll.

With his newfound powers, Peter put on a makeshift mask and broke into Norman Osborn’s home, kicking the hell out of every man. He then comes to Norman Osborn only to find Ulrick by his side. This broke Peter’s trust even as Ulrick tried to talk him out. 

Upon returning home, Peter built a costume that was based on his Uncle Ben’s World War 1 Airmen uniform. He also armed himself with a revolver and became the vigilante Spider-Man. And this was one of the coolest Spider-Man costumes that we have ever seen him wearing, apart from the Symbiote Suit of course.

Powers and Abilities

As for powers abilities, Spider-Man Noir has all the cool powers of the regular Earth-616 Spider-Man. He has spider-sense, superhuman abilities like speed, agility, strength, healing factor, endurance, and wall-crawling ability. However, this version of Peter prefers to do a form of parkour where he just jumps and flips over things instead of clinging to the actual wall. 

One of the major differences with the original continuity is that this version of Spider-Man has organic webbing. Which is a major plus.


Apart from his 2009 origin story, Spider-Man Noir has appeared as a part of the Spider-Verse story arc. This story consists of a bunch of Spider-Man and Spider-Woman from across the multiverse that teamed up to fight against Morlun and The Inheritors.

Noir was one of the several characters to survive the massive battle and later appeared as a part of the web warriors team. The team consisted of different Spider-Man from across the multiverse who banded together to fight against evil.

Final Words 

Although the Noir version of Spider-Man is relatively new to the universe, it is still one of the best Spider-Man versions in Marvel Comics. I personally love this version as it has a darker vibe to it. But what do you think of it? Who is your favorite Spider-Man of all time?  I would really love to know.

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