Starfire (Origin) Tragedy behind the Alien of joy!

DC comic has some of the craziest female characters in its archive. One of the most beloved female superheroes of DC is Starfire. We might see the hot and beautiful alien up front, but she has one of the most tragic backstories in the entire universe. Let’s catch up to this powerful Titan.

Starfire: An Alien of Joy

Starfire was first introduced in DC comics presents in issue #26 in 1980. But we didn’t get anything about her until the Tale of Teen Titans #4 in 1982. Her story is re-written in the 2011’s The New 52 series, but we are going to talk about her original appearance only.

Introduction of Starfire

Starfire’s real name is Koriand’r. She was the second of three children to the king and queen of the planet Tamaran. So, basically, she is a princess. The people of Tamaran had the ability to absorb solar energy through their skin. This allowed them to convert it to the power of flight.

However, Koriand’r’s older sister Komand’r who would later become Teen Titan’s arch-enemy Blackfire had a rare disease as a child. This was being not able to fly like the rest of her people. Which also stripped off her rights to become the next successor to the throne. That ended up Koriand’s being the next in line to rule planet Tamaran.

The Flip

When both sisters grew old enough, they were sent off to train with the legendary warlords of Okaara. When the two of them were preparing for a test, Komand’r was knocked off from a mountain by Koriand’r. Knowing her older sister couldn’t fly, Koriand’r flew down to catch her sister and save her life.

This incident led Komand’r to her utter rage and she tried to return the favor by trying to kill her younger sister. Watching this happen, the legendary warlord banished Komand’r saying she was a heart without a soul, a being with hatred and disgrace, that wasn’t one of them. 

After her banishment, Komand’r joined the force with the Citadel, an enemy of the planet Tamaran. They used Komand’r information to successfully invade Tamaran, Which led to the king and queen having to turn over their daughter Koriand’r to the Citadel just to ensure peace.

Tragedy of Life

Koriand’r then became a slave to the Citadel and Komand’r for six years where she was frequently tortured and abused. Her sister was on the brink of killing her too when they both were captured by another alien race called the Psions who were a group of sadistic scientists. 

After capturing the two Tamaronian sisters, they performed deadly experiments on both of them to see how much energy they can absorb before exploding from the overload.

Fortunately, the machine that held Koriand’r accidentally exploded and she was set free. Once free, she learned whatever experiments that the Psions performed have granted her new powers like her star bolts. She then tried to save her sister but Komand’r had developed her own kind of star bolts by the time and tried to kill Koriand’r instead.

Entering the Teen Titans

Eventually, Koriand’r escaped from the Psions with help from the Teen Titans. Leaving her sister, Koriand’r found her way to the planet earth where she joined the Teen Titans and took the name Starfire.

Finding her way into the earth, Starfire became a prominent member of the Teen Titans. This version of Teen Titans was formed with Raven, Beast Boy, Robin, Cyborg, Donna Troy, Flash Red Arrow, and Nightwing, who was a later version of Robin.

Romance and Marriage

As a member of the Titans, she formed a romantic relationship with Dick Grayson, who was Robin at that time. Starfire was considered extremely beautiful on earth and has a sensuous nature which was very common among the Tamaranians. She also had a no-nonsense attitude to everything and quickly became one of the most desirable women around her. 

She was married twice and none of them were to Dick Grayson aka Robin. Both the men were from Tamaran. One of her marriages was with Prince Karras and the other one was with a man named Phy’zzon, who was a general in the Tamaranian military.

Starfire had a lot of hookups and an off relationship with Dick Grayson who had later become Nightwing. They were about to be married once but it was crashed by Raven who at the time, was possessed by Trigon.

Powers and Abilities

As for her powers, Starfire can definitely fly. She has near invulnerability, durability, superspeed, and superhuman strength and stamina. She is omnilingual, an expert in hand-to-hand combat, and of course, she has her energy blasts.

Starfire’s body can absorb an unlimited amount of ultra violate radiation, which she uses to convert into energy. This energy forms her star bolts as well as grants her the ability to fly. She is also immune to cold and heat, and she can survive in outer space for a long time without the need for food, water, or air. Overall, Starfire is not a cute princess to be taken lightly.

The New 52 version of Starfire has presented her in a lot more cold and a lot more sexual way possible. Which most comic book fan including me, doesn’t like very much. But it is what it is. So, let me know what you think of her? Do you like the OG Starfire or the new 52 version? Let me know. 

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