10 Strongest Marvel Villains of All Time!

The marvel universe is no stranger to some of the most ridiculously powerful characters. Although most of these characters are natural forces of the universe, there are some that are a threat to the universe itself. So, here are some of the strongest villains in the existence of the entire marvel multiverse all in one place.

Strongest Villains in Marvel!

When you’re trying to rank based on powers, sometimes it’s hard when you’re dealing with comic books. There are so many differences between each iteration of characters as they exist in multiple realms, dimensions, and even timelines. With that out of the way, let’s take a look at our picks for 10 of the most powerful marvel villains there are.

10. The Beyonder

The Beyonder is an immensely powerful extra-dimensional entity. He omnipotent is his realm and extremely dangerous to humankind as he seeks to understand it’s nature.

He has erased several realities from existence, erased death, destroyed multiple galaxies with a single thought. On a battle against a molecule man, he has survived a blast that was able to destroy billions of dimensions at once. 

The Beyonder was basically a sentient universe, who was able to do pretty much anything he wants to do. In the golden age comics, The Beyonder was the strongest Marvel Character just after the One Above All. But it all changed after Jim Shooter, the Marvel Editor-in-Chief left the company, and The Beyonder started losing his powers. That is why he is in the last position on this list. 

9. Mephisto

Mephisto is the lord of lies, the Devil. He is a demonic force who steals the soul and tortures them in his hell life dimension. He is immensely powerful and capable of massively destructive attacks that very few characters can withstand.

Mephisto is literally immortal and can not be harmed by any physical object or weapon of any kind. He is capable of warping reality, teleportation, shapeshift, stop time, resurrecting the dead,  and even used his magic to one-shot some of the most powerful heroes in the entire Marvel universe.

However, Mephisto is the strongest in his own realm. Outside his realm, he depends on the worship of his followers and his bloody deeds. It is highly doubtable that he can beat some of the stronger Marvel villains in this list outside his realm. But inside, there is no denying.

8. Onslaught

Onslaught is the uber-powerful combination of Thanos, Professor X, and Magneto. First appearing on X-Men Vol-2 #53 in 1996, Onslaught is the evil psionic combination of bot Professor X and Magneto. 

Onslaught possesses incredible psychic abilities as well as the power to host other’s powers. He is capable of various attacks from Charles Xavier’s consciousness including illusions, mind control, paralysis, and memory loss. He also has Magneto’s mutant powers of manipulating magnetic fields.

In addition to that Onslaught can augment his own strength, can astral project, and has near-omnipotent powers against any source of threats. It took the combined strength of the X-Men, Avengers, and fantastic four to defeat him, which resulted in a number of heroes being sent to another plane of existence. It took a full-powered hulk to smash him to bits and the psychic abilities of several heroes to overpower his mind to defeat him. 

7. Thanos

Thanos is a mutant with the deviant gene, which causes him to mutate at an accelerated rate. This mutation made him an incredible foe and one of the most powerful villains in the entire Marvel universe.

Thanos is a physically strong being and an almost unmeasurable amount of strength, speed, and stamina. He also has the power to time travel, regenerate, manipulate matter and energy as well as making interdimensional holes. 

Thanos truly comes into his own with his signature Infinity Gauntlet. After destroying an entire star system, he fought against the guardians of the galaxy, defeated Adam Warlock, fully powered Captain Marvel, and the entire Avengers. Although they were able to beat him, but not without severe casualties. He can be considered as the strongest marvel villain, but his dependency on the Infinity Gauntlet sets him at number seven. 

6. Molecule Man

Owen Reese aka Molecule Man is an utterly powerful and chronically unsecured character. He has the power to control and energy from every dimension. Since matter and energy is all there is, he is essentially able to almost anything. 

He has been able to battle the Beyonder before. This battle was so fierce that it was felt by every being on every planet in every dimension. He was able to create a powerful blast that could destroy several billion dimensions. He is the sheer example of absolute power with almost every existing power bonded into him.

Molecule Man was considered the second most powerful being in the entire Marvel multiverse. But in recent years he was defeated by Sentry which led him to the seventh strongest Marvel villain of all time. 

5. Mikaboshi 

Admetus Mikaboshi aka The Chaos King is a Japanese god from the seventh dimension. Mikaboshi is of the strongest marvel villains that were ever introduced in the entire universe. 

He has defeated some of the most powerful cosmic entities like Galactus, Zeus, The Beyonder. He even defeated Death and took it off of Earth-616. Eternity refused to fight against him because of his immense control over reality and time itself. 

He can create shadow copies of himself, can absorb any amount of energy, has total control over matter, energy, time, size, shapeshift, and can even manipulate soul. Mikaboshi also possesses vast inhuman strength, speed, stamina, and is invulnerable.

Mikaboshi is virtually immortal and can not be harmed by anything physical or interdimensional. The only way to defeat him is to trap him in his own realm and put an unbreakable barrier. 

4. Galactus

Before the Big Bang created the Marvel universe we know today, one being seemingly escaped the inescapable death of the previous universe by fusing his essence with the new universe sprang into him. This being was Galactus.

Galactus is a supremely powerful being who is able to do almost anything. His powers include transforming matter, teleportation, and even controlling life itself. He roams the universe, consuming planets for his breakfast. 

Although he mostly seems unstoppable, he was stopped several times by the heroes of the earth with some interdimensional help from several other cosmic entities. But it’s still unclear what this being is capable of with his near-omnipotent power cosmic.

3. Dark Phoenix

Jean Grey is already one of the strongest omega-level mutants. Her telekinetic powers reached near-infinite powers after merging with the primal force, The Phoenix. Consuming the consciousness of Jean, the Phoenix transformed itself into one of the strongest marvel villains, Dark Phoenix.

Using the cosmic powers, Jean was able to create massive power blasts, manipulate powers of atomic and subatomic levels, and even control the life & death of every living entity. She is able to consume planets, destroy a star, and erase the whole galaxy with just a single will.

The phoenix force has been one of the most powerful entities in the Marvel universe since the golden age of comics. It took the highest peak of Scarlet Witch and Hope Summer’s powers combined to defeat the force in the Avengers vs X-Men storyline.

2. Mad Jim Jaspers

Mad Jim Jaspers is an insanely powerful mutant. He is then the nigh-omnipotent god of reality-warping powers. It would literally take the destruction of the entire reality to kill him.

Jim Jaspers is able to stretch his reality-warping powers across all dimensions and earth at once. He can transform himself into anything he wants, He can manipulate matter, time, and energy to every extent as long as he is in some sort of reality. He can heal from anything almost instantly, can create and destroy life with just a thought. 

The extent of Jasper’s powers beyond any other characters. In fact, the only limitations to his powers are his imagination. The only way to depower him is to destroy every reality from existence.

1. Dormamu

The Ruler of the dark dimension and the supreme mystical god is Dormamu. As we all know magic always overcomes the cosmic powers and even the time itself, Dormammu is the living god of magic himself. 

Dormamu uses his vast powers to conquer other universe and dimensions which led him to become a villain of Doctor Strange and other mystical heroes. Dormamu is one of the most powerful villains in the entire Marvel universe and easily dwarfs to powers of the sorcerer supreme Dr. Strange, Mephisto, and Hell Storm.  

Dorm has demonstrated energy projection, protective shields, time travel, elemental and reality-warping powers, teleportation, soul manipulation, life force absorption, and energy & matter manipulation. He has even burned the Celestials on the flames of the fall time. 

Final Words

There have been many other powerful villains in the Marvel universe. But we didn’t get to see most of the complete nature of their powers. With that being said, who do you think is the strongest marvel villain of all time? Do you agree with this list? Let me know.

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