Top 10 Strongest Symbiotes in the Marvel Universe!

The alien race of Klyntar, or popularly known as the Symbiotes is one of the most astonishing groups of creatures in the entire Marvel universe. Since its debut as Spider-Man’s black and white costume in the Amazing Spider-Man #252, the symbiotes gained a special place in the hearts of the readers.

The most fascinating part of the Klyntar race is the inheritance of powers from generation to generation. Each symbiote is more powerful than its parent. Which basically opens the door for the symbiotes to be the strongest group of creatures in the upcoming future.

10 Strongest Symbiotes of All-Time!

The symbiotes usually bond with a host in order to reveal their true potential. Feeding upon minds, they can absorb the host’s power and take their consciousness in the long run. With that being said, we will only be ranking the Symbiote creatures on this list, and not focusing on the hosts.

10. Venom

Venom is the first symbiote to be introduced in the Marvel universe but by no means he is the strongest symbiote out there. Being the first in the bloodline, he is actually the weakest. Venom has gained many of the web-slinging abilities when it bonded with Spider-Man, passing it throughout his hosts and his offsprings.

Eddie Brock might have worn the venom symbiote for the longest time, from being Spider-Man’s greatest enemies to his greatest allies. The suit has also been bonded with former high school bully, Flash Thompson as Agent Venom and learned what is truly like to be a hero as well as learning to heal its fractured psyche.

Even though Venom is not the strongest symbiote out there, but it has proven that depending on its host, it can overcome any obstacle that has been put in front of it. 

9. Scream

Making its first appearance in Venom: Leather Protector #4, the scary-looking red and yellow symbiote is one of the five Life Foundation symbiotes. Donna Diego, a Life Foundation volunteer bonded with the symbiote and became Scream.

One of the coolest things about Scream is that she uses her hair to fight and make lethal blows that cause the opponents to lose its powers. She was the most powerful symbiote among her siblings but with Eddie Brocks’s strategy and Vemon’s mastermind, they were able to beat Scream and eventually kill it. 

8. Riot

Riot is one of the five symbiotes that was harvested by The Life Foundation. Riot is one of Scream’s siblings who bonded with a mercenary named Trevor Cole. Combined with Riot’s self-esteem and Trevor’s madness, Riot quickly became one of the more dangerous symbiotes in the group.

Riot has all the abilities like his other siblings and he could use his hand to make any weapon he possibly wishes to make. Also, he was the biggest in size which was particularly an upside as well as a downside since he was defeated by Eddie Brock because of that. 

7. Carnage

Cleatus Kasady was a psychopath who met Eddie Brock when they were both in jail. Cleatus had become bonded with the Carnage Symbiote which was the first offspring of Venom.

Since Cleatus was a psychopath and far crazier than Eddie, his symbiote went crazy as well. Inheriting the Web-Slinging powers from his daddy he became stronger and faster and overall deadlier than the Venom symbiote. 

Although Carnage was defeated by the alignment of Spider-Man and Venom, he remains as one of the most powerful symbiotes in the Klyntar race.

6. Scorn

Scorn is the hybrid prosthesis that was created from both an offspring of Carnage and technology. After being locked down by Michel Hall Carnage bonded with Tanis Nieves and escaped for a while, but left his offspring within Tanis Nieves prosthesis. The Symbiote seed eventually bonded with Nieves and created Scorn. 

Naive cut his hand while to get rid of scorn but couldn’t make the symbiosis go away. Later he would use technological advancements to make a new hand which could be used as any kind of weapon.

5. Hybrid

Onc the members of the Life Foundation who had been bonded with the children of Venom were killed, the symbiotes decided to combine into one. This created the symbiote Hybrid. 

Hybrid had all the symbiont abilities and the combined strength of four symbionts put together, thus making it far stronger than any other. It also has powers such as camouflaging itself and absorbing matter. 

Since Hybrid is the combination of four symbiotes, it also has four separate personalities that would argue with one another from time to time. These characteristics made Hybrid one of the most schizophrenic symbiote of all time.

4. Zzxz

Zzxy is known to have terrorized the Shiar Empire and was listed as one of the most dangerous criminals in their history. During his terror, he was said to be unkillable. Unlike other symbiotes, Zzxz feeds on the brain of the host rather than its emotions which makes it unique and more dangerous than any other symbiotes.

At one point in time the symbiote feed on Charles Xavier, which made it incredibly powerful and a god of the symbiote. But as the comic says, with great power comes a greater weakness. Zzxz was extremely vulnerable to sonic and thermal attacks. Which caused him to lose and be captured multiple times. 

3. Anti-Venom

When Eddie Brock finally had the Venom Symbiote removed from his body, it left behind some traces. As we’ve all learned that symbiotes do so with everyone that they bond with.

When Eddie was dying of cancer, the villain known as Mr. Negative tried to cure him. The combination of Mr. Negative’s powers, the trace elements of the Symbiote, and Eddie Brock’s white blood cells helped created a new form of a symbiote, known as the Ant-Venom.

While Anti-Venom is stronger and faster than other symbiotes, what truly made it one of the most powerful symbiotes is its healing abilities. Anti-Venom had a healing touch that could end the life of symbiotes and even cure Spider-Man of his powers.

Unlike the other symbiotes, Anti-Venom was not vulnerable to fire or sonic sound, So, Norman Osborn developed a poison that was able to halt the symbiotes healing factor and even destroy for a while. 

2. Toxin

Born as the 1,000th child of Carnage, Toxin was stronger than all of its older siblings. He has inherited all the symbiotic powers from every generation and every tree, giving him the most advanced genetic memory and the power to detect other offsprings. 

Toxin has advanced strength, speed, agility, and a massive healing factor. It is immune to Spider senses or any other telekinetic abilities such as mind control and mind manipulation. It also has a poisonous bite that can kill almost anyone, with a single bite. 

Since its introduction Toxin was considered as the Strongest Symbiote in the Klyntar race until we get a glimpse of the God of Symbiote. Despite his vast abilities and godly powers, Toxin is still vulnerable to fire and sonic sound waves.

1. Knull

Knull was one of the first beings to ever existed in the entire multiverse. When the Celestials came with the light, Knull awakened, and in rage, he created All-Black, a sword made out of the darkness, and beheaded a Celestial. 

When the fight was about to go intense, Using All-Black and his Cosmic energies, Knull created a symbiote suit of armor for himself, and thus the very symbiote with its host was born.

Knull created a whole bunch of other symbiotes and an entire planet for his creations to live and manifested on. Like every other symbiote, Knull’s symbiote armor or the All-Black doesn’t have a consciousness of its own. They are derived by the God of Symbiote, Knull himself. Even as the very first one to create the Klyntar race, Knull is still the strongest symbiote that had ever existed. 

So, here you go, the list of the most powerful symbiotes in the entire Marvel universe to date. What do you think of this list? Who do you think is the strongest symbiote in the Marvel universe? Let me know!

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