10 Strongest Versions of Hulk in Marvel Comics

There are many different versions of different characters throughout the comic book industry. Either certain timelines have crossed or certain events have brought together different versions of the same character. Although there have been many reimaginations of some characters, we are going to look around 10 of the strongest versions of Hulk from the pages of Marvel comics.

10 Strongest Hulks of All Time!

There have been about 20 versions of hulks since the origin of this incredible beast. There were even purple, grey, yellow, and red hulks. But for this list, I have decided to focus on the Green version of Hulks and specifically focus on the comic book versions. So, without further due, let’s jump right on to it. 

10. The Hulk

The story we are most familiar with is the one I must start with. The skin that is impenetrable to just about anything along with the super temper and super strength, The Incredible Hulk is the force you don’t wanna mess around with.

The Hulk was created when Bruce Banner is accidentally exposed to a gamma bomb. Making his first debut in The Incredible Hulk #1 in 1962, we have seen many versions of this green goliath since then. Portrayed by actors such as Lou Ferrigno, Erik Banner, Edward Norton, and Most Notably Mark Ruffalo.

Hulk gets stronger as he goes angrier, which makes fighting this green big guy a really tough time. He even lifted an entire island in Secret Wars and beat the crap of some of the strongest characters in the entire Marvel universe. 

9. She-Hulk

On the verge of death, Bruce Banner gave his cousin Jeniffer Walters a very small transfusion of Hulk’s blood to save her life. The transfusion gave her a very mild version of the Hulk’s powers. 

Like her cousin, she has green skin and gets stronger as she gets angrier. But unlike the Hulk, she can change whenever she wants. She’s the Hulk but she always has her hand on the wheels.

There were times when She-Hulk got a bit too angry and lost her control, but most of the time she knows what she is doing. Titiana Mason Lee will play She-Hulk in her upcoming series on Disney Plus, which is set to be released in 2022. 

8. Doc Green

After Hulk got shot in the head by the ancient order of the Shield, Tony Stark came again yet again to save the day. He used his extremist virus and injected it into The Hulk to undo the damage from the bullet. Which shouldn’t have been a bad idea. The only side effect of the virus was the brand new genius personality of the green guy. Thus, Doc Green was born.

Doc Green basically got the genius side of Bruce Banner embedded into him. Using his newfound intellect, he created a serum that would strip the powers from the other Hulks. Not because he wanted to get rid of the Hulk, but he didn’t want any other like him to be around the planet. Now, that is some evil genius mind activity.

Eventually, the virus was removed, and Doc Green reverted back into the Hulk we all knew. Just imagine an evil hulk with one of the smartest minds in the marvel universe, an utter disaster.

7. Savage She-Hulk

The daughter of Hulk and Thundra from a future timeline within the main Marvel continuity is Lyla. She is a very unique version of Hulk. For starters, she doesn’t get stronger when she gets angry. Instead, she becomes more powerful, the calm she is.

Lyla aka Savage She-Hulk is incredibly strong with a smart mind from the future. So, how did Hulk become a father? Well, when Thundra went back in time, she fought the Hulk. But then the two became friends and shared a kiss together. Once back in her own time, She used the leftover Hulk DNA, added to her own DNA, and the proof! You have Lyla, the Savage She-Hulk.

6. Maestro

Making his first appearance in The Incredible Hulk Vol 2 #401, Maestro is the prime antagonist in the incredible hulk Future Imperfect. The story takes place in about 100 years in the future after a nuclear war has put the planet close to extinction.

The alternate version of the Hulk, Maestro has been absorbing all the nuclear radiation since that time. All those radiations made him one of the strongest beings on the planet. It also provided him a massive increase in strength as well as anger. Plus the brains of Bruce Banner made him virtually unstoppable. 

This version of Hulk was so strong that he was immune to all kinds of mind controls. He has the ability to see astral forms. He has even built the Dystopia, which he ruled for several decades.

5. Old Man Hulk

In the Old Man Logan storyline, Hulk was actually a villain. Alongside Dr. Doom, Magneto, and Abomination, he ends up being the final villain of the story. The version of Hulk even ended up having kids with his cousin Jennifer Walter aka She-Hulk.

The family of Hulk referred to themselves as the Hulk gang, and ended up killing the family members of Wolverine. So, retired Old Man Logan became pissed and killed every family member of the Hulk except for the green goliath himself and one other offspring. Banner then turned into a very large and very angry monster and swallowed Wolverine whole. Nasty… Ha?

You might think that is the end of him but that is until Wolverine cut the green monster from the inside and killed Old Man Hulk in the process.

4. War Hulk

What is Apocalypse, the oldest X-Men in the universe recruited the Hulk as one of his horsemen? Something like that happened on the Onslaught storyline. Then you might be in for a treat.

After Banner and Hulk split into two separate units, they ended up being on different earths. The angry green guy ended up being recruited to serve as war thus giving us War Hulk. 

Apocalypse found him and made him one of his own by giving some of his abra ka dabra stuff. With apocalypse adding to his already terrifying set of skills, the beast was unstoppable at this point. Even the apocalypse had to put a cap on him to keep him under control.

We did see this version of Hulk in the MCU storyline for a bit but the comic book version had a whole lot of other things going on. 

3. Planet Hulk

Arguably the best and the strongest version of Hulks was the Planet Hulk. The champion of the arena at Sakaar was literally made for him. Planet Hulk was so strong that even the mighty Thor wasn’t a match for him. Literally, a god was unmatched for an angry beast.

After the Illuminati decided that the Hulk was too much of a threat to earth, they sent him off on a mission to destroy a rogue satellite. Survey says that was a lie. They actually wanted to send him off to a peaceful planet. But, as we all know, wormholes exist.

The trip went south and Hulk ended up landing on Sakaar. The Incredible Hulk was imprisoned by the Red King and was forced to fight for him in the battle arena just to entertain its audience. 

We have found this version of Hulk in the MCU movies where the Red King was replaced by the Grand Master in his ultimate Contest of Champions arena.

2. World War Hulk

In a sequel to the Planet Hulk, the green big goliath heads to New York City and gives the Illuminati, which is Iron-Man, Doctor Strange, Reed Richards, and Ultimatum to turn themselves in. The Hulk blames them for the death of his pregnant wife, so he is not too patient.

Hulk gives the Illuminati 24 hours before he would destroy Manhattan. When the deadline was over, the rampage was inevitable. Literally, nobody could stop him. Dr. Strange even got his head and tried to talk him down, and it of course didn’t work.

Iron-Man attempted to level the beast with his Hulkbuster armor but it never had a chance. For the guy who gets stronger the angrier he gets, this was basically the best scenario to actually prove to the world how strong he can be. The rage of being sent to another planet and the combined anger towards the Illuminati, that is one hell of a combination. 

1. Amadeus Cho

Making his first cameo appearance in The Amazing Fantasy Vol-2, #15, Korean-America raised in Arizona, Amadeus Cho participated in a quiz show named Brain Fight. At the age of 15, Amadeus won that show as well as winning five thousand dollars as prize money.

Amadeus became the seventh smartest character in the world and the organizer of the show was none other than Pythagoras Dupree, who was the sixth smartest person in the world, who just wanted to find the bigger brain and take out the competition. 

Pythagoras sent out a squad to kill Amadeus. Barely escaping, he ran away and took shelter at the incredible hulk’s. Years later, Amedeus would become a totally awesome hulk. He was so attached to the hulk that he got the radiation effect from the green guy.

The radiation was supposed to drive him crazy but instead, he used a special nanite that allowed him to absorb the Hulk’s powers. Thus becoming the awesome hulk and containing his intellect intact. 

He is arguably the strongest version of Hulk not just because of his brute strength, but as well as his genius-level intellect. At one point, he exiled himself into space on a satellite, just so he could study himself and make sure he still has the ability to control everything that’s going on.

There you have it, Folks. Although there are some other Hulks out there on several other piles of earth, these were the best of them (at least I think so). So, do you agree with this list? Who do you think is the strongest version of Hulk? Let me know!

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