10 Strongest Versions of Superman in DC Comics

Superman is one of the most powerful superheroes in the entire comic book history. Over the years, there have been many reincarnations of the Man of Steel, and some of them were insanely powerful. Here, we are going to list 10 of the strongest versions of Superman in DC comics.

10 Strongest Version of Superman 

Traveling to Earth from a doomed planet named Krypton, Kal-El became the sole survivor of his rase. He was introduced in Action Comics #1, way back in 1938. But since then we have seen many different versions of the Kryptonian in the DC comics. Here is the list of Superman versions that we think are the strongest

10. Superman X

Created in the 41st century, Superman X is a clone from the far future of Earth-247. He’s an amalgamation of both Superman DNA and Lex Luthor DNA that was created to be the ultimate “Superman”.

Superman X has all the same powers as the regular Superman, but he is more powerful because his body cells are constantly regenerating and adapting to new threats. The only downside to this version of Superman is that if he ever stops fighting, then he will die from an energy overload.

Superman X first appeared in the  “Superman: The Man of Steel” series in 1991. And was created by K3NT, a group of artificial intelligence in the 41st century to save mankind from destruction.

9. Bizarro


Bizarro was the result of a warped reality when The Joker had the power of Mr. Mxyzptlk.  He was a twisted version of Superman who lacked intelligence but possessed incredible strength.

Bizarro is one of the most powerful versions of Superman in DC comics. He possesses immense power and has no morality or conscience to restrain him from destroying everything on his path. He cannot be reasoned with and often appears as an evil mirror image of the original hero.

Bizarro first appeared in Superman Vol 2 #160. He was actually the third copy of the Man of Steel and declared himself Bizarro No 1.

8. New 52 Superman


Superman in the New 52 is definitely one of the strongest characters out there. His powers are slightly weaker than previous versions, but not by much. He can take down any threat with a single punch and his durability has been increased. His speed, strength, and powers have increased over time as he’s grown more accustomed to his Kryptonian body.

New 52 Superman still possesses all classic abilities such as Flight Superhuman Strength, Invulnerability, and Heat Vision. He can fly at speeds up to Mach 100. He also has an IQ of 1326, making him one of the most intelligent characters in DC Comics.

Revamped and relaunched after the Flashpoint Crisis in 2011, The New 52 Superman is considered a better and sometimes the best version of Superman by many comic book fans.

7. Ultraman

Ultraman Superman

An evil version of Superman from Earth-3, Ultraman was able to defeat the entire Justice League with one punch. His strength level is impossible to measure, but according to Grant Morrison, he could probably kill Superman by crushing his skull or snapping his neck.

Clark Luthor aka Ultraman was the Superman from his world and leader of the Evil Justice League. He first appeared in  “Superman” (volume II) #187, published in 1981. Ultraman was created when Lex Luthor of Earth-Three traveled to the mainstream universe and exposed Superman’s secret identity on national television.

Ultraman has all the powers of Superman from Earth 616 but at an extended level. He doesn’t hold back his powers and is not afraid to use his powers anytime or at any place. Which makes him one of the most dangerous versions of Superman in existence.

6. Silver Age Superman


The silver age Superman refers to the Man of Steel that was introduced back in May 1947 in Superman Vol 2 #46 and onwards. This version of Superman was from Earth-1 and was the most powerful character in that universe.

Created by Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster, The Silver Age Superman was the portfolio of a small-town Kansas boy that came to know his alien powers when he was fairly young. How he devoted his life to Justice and became the face of Metropolis.

Out of all the incarnations of the Man of Steel, the Silver Age Superman was considered as the classic. This version came to an end with the reboot of the DC universe in the 70s.

5. Superboy-Prime

Superboy Prime

Superboy-Prime is an alternate version of Superman in Prime Earth. He was first introduced in  1985 by Jerry Siegel and Jim Mooney in DC Comics Present #87. He was a human boy who discovered that he existed as an energy pattern from his own planet Krypton in a parallel universe, Earth-Prime.

Superboy is known to be one of the strongest versions of Superman due to being much more powerful than other counterparts including Supergirl Prime. He also possesses a psychic link with his counterpart and has the ability to teleport himself, other beings, or objects across vast distances.

Superboy-Prime is also capable of defeating most versions of Superman in combat due to having an infinite power level that can give him any superpower he desires.

4. Dark Side Superman

Dark side Superman

What if Kal-El’s ship landed on Apokolips rather than the earth? What would happen then? The Dark Side Superman is an example of that. Raised by Darkseid, this version of Superman was introduced in an elsewhere storyline named Superman: The Dark Side in 1998.

This version of Superman is insanely strong and can match the power levels possessed by many cosmic entities. He has also been shown to be able to use his heat vision not just as a weapon but also as an energy source for powering up devices like a Boom Tube.

One unique thing with the suit of this Superman is that it is alive and will evolve to adapt with the wearer. It also has an S that looks somewhat like a thunderbolt.

3. White Lantern Superman

White Lantern Superman

White Lantern Superman is one of the strongest versions of Clark Kent’s alter ego. His power level was not even limited by that pesky yellow sun. He could use his Lantern Ring to create hard light constructs and blasts, generate force fields, transform energy into solid objects or life-giving energies for others.

The White Lantern Superman was basically a regular Superman and Green Lantern combined in a package deal. Along with other JLA members, he became worthy of the White Lantern Ring in 2010’s Blackest Night event for a brief amount of time.

Although the duration of  White Lantern Superman was very brief, he remains one of the strongest versions of Superman to date.  

2. Thought Robot/Cosmic Armor Superman

Thought Robot Cosmic Armor Superman

Thought Robot or Cosmic Armor Superman is considered as the strongest incursion of Superman by many fans. He was based on an experimental robot, which had incredible powers and abilities that equaled those of Kal-el/Superman himself. The Thought Robot has so much power that he could destroy entire planets with just a thought.

Along with his regular powers, this version of Superman has the powers of Adaptation, Berserker Strength, Energy Absorption, Cosmic Awareness, Dimensional Manipulation, Fourth Wall Breakage, Levitation, Plot Manipulation, Reactive Evolution, Energy Manipulation, and even reality-warping.

Though Robot was created by the legendary Grant Morrison and first appeared in Final Crisis: Superman Beyond Vol1 #2. He is also known as the Cosmic Armor Superman in the comics.

1. Superman Prime One Million

Superman Prime One Million

Superman Prime One Million is the most powerful version of Superman in DC Comics. He was created by Grant Morrison and Frank Quitely for the “DC One Million” comic book event, which took place one million years into the future where a young Clark Kent became an elderly man with god-like powers. The character first appeared on October 14th, 1998, in the “DC One Million” comic of DC Comics.

This powerful version of the Man of Steel is from the 853rd century where Kal-El spent 15,000 years in the center of earth’s yellow sun. In the process, he gained God-like powers and became a literal god.

The most powerful Superman Prime One Million is also the strongest version of the Man of Steel, as he has surpassed all other incarnations in terms of power levels. He was considered to be omnipotent because his powers were so vast that not even Brainiac could classify them or understand their limits.

As a poster boy, there have been hundreds of versions of Superman in DC comics. You can always argue about their power levels and abilities, but you can never deny that he will be stronger in some other stories in the future. So, which do you think is the strongest version of Superman? Let’s see your list!

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