Top 10 Strongest Weapons in the Marvel Universe!

Marvel has been the home of some of the strongest artifacts in the universe. Many writers have introduced some insane artifacts which eventually used as a weapon by some other character. Although the appearance of these weapons is relatively low, here we have ranked 10 of the strongest weapons that ever existed in the Marvel Universe.

10 Most Powerful Weapons In Marvel!

Right of the bat, it’s important to note that Marvel actually released their official top 10 weapons list back in 2016 on their website. But here’s the thing, we don’t think that’s accurate. For instance, the Ultimate Nullifier is number 6 on their list, and Tony Stark’s armor is at number 4. That is one bizarre statement. So, we respectfully disagree. With that said let’s get to the listing.

10. Tactigon

Tactigon is a weapon that first appeared in the Avengers: The Initiative #1 in June of 2007. Tactigon is an extraterrestrial object/weapon that bonds to the arm of its host.

The host of Tactigon can form any weapon he or she imagines. So, in a sense, it’s basically Marvel’s version of Green Lantern’s ring from the DC universe which also allows the wearer to form any weapon at his will.

Tactigon is also said to have a level of sentience as it pushes its host to use it on a regular basis. It can even scan its opponents and match its power to counter the attack perfectly.

The Tactogons powers are by all means limitless as far as we know. It is so powerful that it’s classified as an Omega Level Weapon.

9. Crimson Gem of Cyttorak

This gem made its debut in the X-Men #12 in July of 1965. The Crimson Gem of Cyttorak is a jewel of great power, created by the mystical entity and the lord of crimson cosmos, Cyttorak himself. 

Cyttorak is an immensely powerful deity who’s the supplier of power to its avatar, The Unstoppable Juggernaut. Besides making the avatar and an unstoppable force, the mystical artifact is also capable of teleportation, creating mystical constructs, and energy blasts.

All the powers that the jewel gives its avatar it is but a fraction of Cyttoraks true powers. It has been said that if it used differently, the power of the Gem could give its avatar enough power to control the fabric of the universe. 

So, yeah this is one hell of a weapon. 

8. Mjölnir

Mjölnir is one of the most popular weapons not only in Marvel but all of fiction. Thor’s magical hammer, which made its debut in Journey into Mystery #83 in August of 1962.

Almost every comic book fan is familiar with this weapon. But it can not be used by everyone, only those who are deemed worthy.

The hammer can travel way faster than the speed of light and has the ability to control lightning and thunder. Mjölnir also possesses a fraction of the Odin force, which is more powerful than the Power Comic that is given to heralds of Galactus. 

Mjölnir has a lot of other abilities such as energy absorption and projection, dimensional transportation, the creation of force fields, and the tracking of any being or objects anywhere in time and space. 

The most powerful attack or ability Thor is able to use with Mjölnir is the God Blast. It is so incredibly powerful and destructive that has been proven capable of destroying and harming beings as powerful as Galactus, who was forced to flee for his life when struck by it. 

A god is afraid of a weapon, now that is a powerful weapon. 

7. Odin Sword

This powerful weapon debut in Journey into Mystery #117 in June of 1965. The Odin Sword is tremendously old and one of the strongest weapons in Marvel. It is so old that the way it was forged, is now lost from history.

Also because of the way it was forged, it is capable of withstanding any impact and cut through all known materials, even a Celestrial armor. It is also capable of increasing its size to match its wielder, as well as channeling cosmic energies with the Odinforce. Which basically makes Mjölnir look cute.

Once a Galactus from another universe fed on the Odin Sword and said it was like eating several planets at once. It was even said the wielder of this sword can literally end the universe with its sheer power. Now that’s power.

6. All Black / Necro Sword

Rounding up the top five is All Black the Necro Sword. It made its debut in Thor: God of Thunder issue #2 in January 2013. 

The Sword was manifested from the shadow of the Symbiote God Knull and tempered using the power from a fallen Celestial. The blade is made from living darkness and wielded by Knull as he set out to kill the bright, and all that came with it in the universe. 

After Knull was capacitated during a battle against Gods, All Black left him and bonded with an alien called Gorr. He unwillingly walked in Knull’s footsteps, slaying gods across the cosmos, earning him the title of the God Butcher.

Necro Sword is capable of many things but in the end, its main function is divine slaying. Meaning its main purpose is killing Gods, Celestials, and other Cosmic entities. So basically it’s capable of bypassing their immortality and effect them as though they were mortal, the most insane sword in all of Marvel. 

5. Destroyer Armor 

Kicking off the top five is the Destroyer Armor which appeared in Journey into Mystery #118 in July 1965. The purpose of the destroyer armor is to battle the celestials. It is animated by the life force of a sentient being and is seemingly indestructible, thanks to being enchanted by Odin himself.

Imagine if Mjölnir could walk in a battle armor, the Destroyer armor is what you get but along with some other capabilities. 

When Galactus was attacking Asgard, Odin gave Mjölnir to the Destroyer Armor which made Galactus, the Devourer of Worlds, the Revenger, run for its life. That incident alone is enough to earn it the position of this ranking. 

4. Cosmic Cube

The Comic Cube first appeared in Tales of Suspense #79 in 1966. The Cosmic Cube or Cubes is made of energy from another dimension. Anyone who wields that cube can use it to reshape and change reality to whatever they want.

Putting it simply, if Thanos isn’t searching for the infinity gauntlet, he is actually searching for the cosmic cube. Much like MCU’s infinity war, when he used the Infinity Gauntlet to shape the universe at his will; in comics, he can do the same with the Cosmic Cube.

This was also used by the Red Skull to create a new reality and Black Panther to create new worlds. The Cosmic Cube is basically the ultimate genie that allows you to alter anything and everything, whenever you want. 

3. The Ultimate Nullifier

This powerful weapon first appeared in Fantastic Four #50 in May 1966. The ultimate nullifier is a weapon that can eliminate anything and everything from existence that its wielder chooses.

This weapon is powerful enough to destroy an entire timeline if the bearer is brave and smart enough to use it. The nullifier is so powerful that you could use it to take on Thanos with the Infinity Gauntlet and still win, depending on the circumstances.

In Fantastic Four #50, Reed Richards used the Ultimate Nullifier to scare away and stop Galactus from consuming the earth. He was literally afraid that Mr. Fantastic might destroy the entire galaxy with it. That’s how powerful it is.

2. Infinity Gauntlet

The most popular and once the strongest weapon in the Marvel universe for the longest time is the Infinity Gauntlet. It appeared in Silver Surfer #40 in December 1990.

As we all know because of the MCU, Infinity Gauntlet is a cosmic artifact that grants the wearer complete mastery over the six powerful infinity stones in it. Time, Space, Power, Soul, Mind, and Reality. 

On top of that, the gauntlet gives the wearer omnipotence, omniscience, and omnipresence. I really don’t need to get deep into this because everybody by now knows how powerful the infinity gauntlet can be. 

It basically allows you to do anything and everything.

1. Heart of the Universe

The Heart of The Universe first appeared in Marvel Universe: The End # in May 2003. We are never given a proper introduction to the Heart of the Universe, but we do know that it’s virtually omnipotent which can even take on a being like The Living Tribunal. 

Getting right a the point, Heart of the Universe is an object or weapon of infinite proportions. Whoever comes in possession of this artifact, becomes the supreme being of the Marvel universe. 

You just can’t more powerful than that. That’s why it is the strongest and most powerful weapon in the Marvel universe.

The heart of the universe is a controversial artifact that most writers claim not to have existed in the main Marvel continuity. But as we are considering all the possibilities, we decided to include it anyway.

With that being said, what do you think is the strongest weapon in the marvel universe? I would really love to know your list.

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